Run, Run. DEVIL!

Status: Is going no-super junior songs tomorrow. :((((
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD and Kesha because both version rocks.

말레이시아에 도착했습니다!! 콘서트때문에 와써용 ㅎㅎ 이제리허설하러갑니다!! 날씨조타!!ㅎㅎ

“I’ve arrived in Malaysia!! Going for concert rehearsal now~! The weather is good~”

-Shindong's Twitter-

Super Junior must have arrived in Malaysia by now. Really wish I could go to the frickin' concert. RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, to let all this frustration out, let's watch SNSD's new dance version of Run Devil Run.

Phwoar... those girl know how work it. I just love Seohyun's and Taeyeon's voices in the song. It's so mature. And all those dance moves... wow. I like the hand-sweeping part. It's like the girls are asking the HATERS to the left.

Fierce Bitches are fierce.

Am so liking the fact that they are going to released a story version of the Music Video. Can't wait.