Pimples Popper.

Status: Iz texting Aria with Strong Baby lyric. Imma Strong Baby! Crack! Crack!
Song: Strong Baby by Seungri.

One of the wonders of the boys' world to me is do they use facial cleanser like girls do? I always wanna ask a guy about it.

When the word pimple appeared in my head, I always remember the time Todd came to me and said bluntly, "I have a pimple on my forehead."

"Ohh.. you're going to need something to get rid of that pimple," said me. Then, I went to get Oxy from my bag.

"You need Oxy!" Me jumping in fron of him and gave the Oxy to him.

"Don't use oxy," Jenny butted in. "It ruins your skin."

I frowned, "It didn't ruin my skin."

I turned to Todd and pushed him to the mirror.

"So, what am I supposed to do with this?" asked Todd, "Should I apply it all over my face?"


"You're supposed to put in on the pimple," said Jenny while flipping channels on the tv.

"Yes, you should listen to the pro."

Things I do when I'm nice.

Afterall, Todd is like really one of those seriously pretty boys that sometimes you envy at.

Seriously. He has really long eyelashes and he's skin is fairer than mine.

That's why I always like pretty boys. Because my best 'guy'friend is pretty.