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Status: Is loving Shi-sus more than ever.
Song: I Go Crazy Because of You by T-Ara

Omona, Leeteuk said, Hi, Apa Khabar!! Kami Shuper Junio~~or!! I love Teukie The Malaysian Prince.

My life is complete. I swear Kyuhyun always in a weird mood when doing this sort of video. Look at his face at 0:14. He's like, 'Awh.. here we go again.."


At SS2 in Shanghai,
The Chinese ELFs have been very rude to my Zhou Mi and Henry. How dare they chant Hangeng's name everytime Zhou Mi and Henry sings. They even jeered Zhou Mi and asked him to get off the stage is tres' rude.

Thanks to Siwon for telling the fans to shut up. Am so amazed how the ELFs just kept quite after Siwon told them to STFU. Ahh.. the power of Idols.

Am glad that Super Junior can still control their fans unlike some certain group, 2PM. Jaebum should say something to those HOTTEST.

I say Zhou, you say Mi.

I say Hen, you say Ry!

Never hurt my Mochi and Gentlemen MiMi.