Key, STFU?

Status: Now, now, Key. That's not right!
Song: BITCH by The Plasticine.

I'm a bitch
When I brush my teeth
I'm a bitch
Walking down the street
I'm a bitch
When I paint my lips
I'm a bitch
But people look at me
I'm a bitch
In disguise
Son of a bitch
Never rhyme
Son of a bitch
Just realize
Son of a bitch All the time
-Bitch by The Plasticine-

KARA's Nicole said that Key asked her, “Just when are you going to lose that fat?” and Nicole took that to heart.

WHUT? Since when are they friends? Oh. OH. I just realized something. Amber/Nicole/Key BFF-ery!!

Err.. well, Key. I'm not sure how to say this. A part of me thinks Key is just being the ol' diva!bitch.

But... You should never comment on a girl's weight. Never. It's like one of those insecurity issues that girls are dealing with everyday.

Then again. It is Key. But.