I Wanna Make You Cry

Status: Awww... Teukie and Hae cried during Shining Star perf. in Super Show 2.
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD.

I missed Super Show. Here I am in this place that I called home, with the frickin' phone ringing non-stop. Stop RINGING!! I'm not going to answer that effin' phone!!

Gah. Why does everything seemed so annoying??

I hate my life. Officially.

Anyway, yesterday was awful. It was such a torture. Knowing that the concert is going on and I'm here in my room watching some lame movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I didn't realize it before but Brad Pitt is so so annoying and a bad actor.

Err, well, maybe I just hate Benjamin Button.

Oh, the first thing I saw on tv yesterday was Super Junior's Sorry Sorry Answer MV. It's like they were trying to mock me for going on anti on them.

It was hard hating the boys that you love dearly. It's okay. I'm so over this phase.