I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

Status: Just found my perfect Oh! hairstyle. Oh Ja!
Song: I'm A Loner by CNBlue. Daridiridaradu..

I am annoyed. Annoyed the fact that nothing is going the way I want it. Can't I at least have the control on my life??

I can't go to the Super Junior concert.
I can't watch Music Bank since tuition started.
School life have been torturing and tiring but I can deal with it.
Pfft. Even my hair doesn't listen to me. Unbelievable.

What I need right now is a week off from the school and tuition, man , I really need that. I wish I could hang out with the girls and guys.

Maybe we could do crazy things like:
I need to do at least one of those. Seriously.

Even if it means dragging Todd back to the Fish Spa and enduring all the noises he makes when the fish bites him.

Things I do to let go of the inner stress in me.