Haters Gonna Hate

Status: Apparently, SNSD is still the most hated/popular girl group in Korea.
Song: Kissing You by SNSD.

Sigh, Girls' Generation will forever be hated. I still don't understand why.

I thought after the Dream Concert 2008's "Black Ocean", everything will be okay again. I mean, the Black Ocean incident is the reason why I hate K-Pop. Those antis are so rude. I felt bad for the girls just because their fans are rude to the other fans. It's not the girls' fault.

Most of SONEs (SNSD fan club) said that those who throw the glowsticks at the girls are 2PM fans. Though, that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, I think the girls will be alright.

They did get through the Black Ocean incident. And made a fierce comeback with Gee. You can deny how many times you want, they are still the IT girl group.Look at Jessica's expression when those antis threw the glowstick. They don't call her the Ice Princess for nothing. Fierce bitch is fierce.
Kudos to Sooyoung for being so awesome. After the performance, Sooyoung said that whoever had thrown glowsticks should take them back. That's why Girls Generation is still the best. They are the only idol group who can still take it easy when people are hating them.


Where is the least place you would expect me to be in? Karaoke bar. Yes, and tres' yes. I just went to Red Box and stayed there for 2 hours. Lots of cool songs. Surprisingly, there's K-pop too. Imagine that.