BlaBla Blair!!

Status: Happy Birthday To Blair
Song: Genie by Girls Generation.

OMG. 9th March already??

Blair, the girl who loves only girls. Could not get used to the fact that boys can sing too.

She's not lezzie. That's what she said.

She is just feminist. Like moi.

If there is someone who will 100% choose Chicks over Dicks, it would be Blair. She just don't trust boys.

Most of the times, we have the same maturity level though she's a bit lower than mine. Don't tell her that.

She can say whatever she wants because she's a bitch. Like the time she called me a bitch and *gasp* terlepas cakap girl. Seriously? Me??

And she has a thing for Yoona. Like a real lezzie thing. She idolized her.

But then again, if I were to have a plastic surgery, I would want to make myself looked like Yoona.

She is so pretty that everyone wants her including Leeteuk. Yes, my beloved hubby wants her.

The Seunggi, Leeteuk and Brian love triangle?? Oh, oh, oh, opparul saranghae!