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Mir Is My New It Boy.

Song: Bang! by After School.
Status: Eveytime someone mentions debate, my head plays the Kesha's song, Blahblahblah..

MBLAQ's Mir is the officially the most weird idol.

“I love the smell of my farts. I want to sell a perfume that has the scent of my farts.”

Dude, it's fart. FART.

Then again, this is Mir we're talking about. You would sell them and I will buy them. Don't worry.

“Farts are natural but my members get so crazy when I fart. There isn’t one person on Earth that doesn’t fart. I fart with ease so I have more power.”

'Kay. Whatever makes you happy.
Oh, Hae. Never change, Fishy. I lobe you.

Shit. Jenny's Post.

How could I possibly forgot to wrote something about Jenny on her birthday last Tuesday??

Anyway, this is a post about Jenny.

She's in sort of way a bit weird.

She loves Yakult.

Her fashion sense is enviable.

Her blog is enviable. And yet no one left a comment on her blog. Sad.

She wrote some really good story. Better than me. Go check her blog out.

Jenny's Blog

Pimples Popper.

Status: Iz texting Aria with Strong Baby lyric. Imma Strong Baby! Crack! Crack!
Song: Strong Baby by Seungri.

One of the wonders of the boys' world to me is do they use facial cleanser like girls do? I always wanna ask a guy about it.

When the word pimple appeared in my head, I always remember the time Todd came to me and said bluntly, "I have a pimple on my forehead."

"Ohh.. you're going to need something to get rid of that pimple," said me. Then, I went to get Oxy from my bag.

"You need Oxy!" Me jumping in fron of him and gave the Oxy to him.

"Don't use oxy," Jenny butted in. "It ruins your skin."

I frowned, "It didn't ruin my skin."

I turned to Todd and pushed him to the mirror.

"So, what am I supposed to do with this?" asked Todd, "Should I apply it all over my face?"


"You're supposed to put in on the pimple," said Jenny while …

Key, STFU?

Status: Now, now, Key. That's not right!
Song: BITCH by The Plasticine.

I'm a bitch
When I brush my teeth
I'm a bitch
Walking down the street
I'm a bitch
When I paint my lips
I'm a bitch
But people look at me
I'm a bitch
In disguise
Son of a bitch
Never rhyme
Son of a bitch
Just realize
Son of a bitchAll the time
-Bitch by The Plasticine-

KARA's Nicole said that Key asked her, “Just when are you going to lose that fat?” and Nicole took that to heart.

WHUT? Since when are they friends? Oh. OH. I just realized something. Amber/Nicole/Key BFF-ery!!

Err.. well, Key. I'm not sure how to say this. A part of me thinks Key is just being the ol' diva!bitch.

But... You should never comment on a girl's weight. Never. It's like one of those insecurity issues that girls are dealing with everyday.

Then again. It is Key. But.

Goals. Of 2010

Status: Boys are just some bunch of assholes. Well, some of them.
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD.

Oh, oh. I just achieved one of my goals today. Am so shocked!

Of course, what are my goals for 2010? Well, I like to think 2010 is the year for me to prepare for The Outside World.

2011 will be the year of change. Physically and err, mentally.

Goals For 2010
Find a new friend who will see a new side of me.Achieve good grades for the public examination and school exams.Will like Zhou Mi. No matter what.Will like 2NE1.
Learn a thing or two in Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Annyeonghaseyo, Konnichiwa, Nihao.Will be more feminist. I swear it so hard to find girls who chose Chicks over Dicks.Will make a new frenemy. This will help me deal with people who loathe me. I will forever Prom15e To 13elieve.Will start to choose between good friends over distracting 'friends'.Will try to be less judgmental. BUT IT IS SO HARD.Try not to be a die-hard ELF. So…

I Wanna Make You Cry

Status: Awww... Teukie and Hae cried during Shining Star perf. in Super Show 2.
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD.

I missed Super Show. Here I am in this place that I called home, with the frickin' phone ringing non-stop. Stop RINGING!! I'm not going to answer that effin' phone!!

Gah. Why does everything seemed so annoying??

I hate my life. Officially.

Anyway, yesterday was awful. It was such a torture. Knowing that the concert is going on and I'm here in my room watching some lame movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I didn't realize it before but Brad Pitt is so so annoying and a bad actor.

Err, well, maybe I just hate Benjamin Button.

Oh, the first thing I saw on tv yesterday was Super Junior's Sorry Sorry Answer MV. It's like they were trying to mock me for going on anti on them.

It was hard hating the boys that you love dearly. It's okay. I'm so over this phase.

More Than Super Junior

Status: Is life this unfair??
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD.

There's so many guys in this world, so it doesn't matter if you're not there.
- Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation-

I am going into 'No-Super Junior' phase tomorrow. That means no Teukie picture, no Kyubb picture on my blog. No mentioning of Super Junior. AT ALL.

I still love them though. Gawd. This is hard. Why couldn't I be a lezzie like Blair ?

I swear if someone mentions Super Junior to me tomorrow, I will hunt you down and make sure everytime you listen to Run Devil Run, you will be reminded of me.

Run, Run. DEVIL!

Status: Is going no-super junior songs tomorrow. :((((
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD and Kesha because both version rocks.

말레이시아에 도착했습니다!! 콘서트때문에 와써용 ㅎㅎ 이제리허설하러갑니다!! 날씨조타!!ㅎㅎ“I’ve arrived in Malaysia!! Going for concert rehearsal now~! The weather is good~”-Shindong's Twitter-

Super Junior must have arrived in Malaysia by now. Really wish I could go to the frickin' concert. RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, to let all this frustration out, let's watch SNSD's new dance version of Run Devil Run.

Phwoar... those girl know how work it. I just love Seohyun's and Taeyeon's voices in the song. It's so mature. And all those dance moves... wow. I like the hand-sweeping part. It's like the girls are asking the HATERS to the left.

Fierce Bitches are fierce.

Am so liking the fact that they are going to released a story version of the Music Video. Can't wait.

You Better Run, Devil

Status:Is so liking the new SNSD concept.
Song: Run Devil Run by SNSD

I like the fact that SNSD has finally mature. This new concept is so cool.

The song is so happened to be one of Ke$ha's unofficial song. SM legally bought it. Just like Corbin Bleu's Deal With It and SHINee's Juliette. Interesting.

Goodbye Oh!. Hello to Run Devil Run.

Will post the Music Video when it comes out tomorrow.

p/s: haters to the left!

Haters Gonna Hate

Status: Apparently, SNSD is still the most hated/popular girl group in Korea.
Song: Kissing You by SNSD.

Sigh, Girls' Generation will forever be hated. I still don't understand why.

I thought after the Dream Concert 2008's "Black Ocean", everything will be okay again. I mean, the Black Ocean incident is the reason why I hate K-Pop. Those antis are so rude. I felt bad for the girls just because their fans are rude to the other fans. It's not the girls' fault.

Most of SONEs (SNSD fan club) said that those who throw the glowsticks at the girls are 2PM fans. Though, that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, I think the girls will be alright.

They did get through the Black Ocean incident. And made a fierce comeback with Gee. You can deny how many times you want, they are still the IT girl group.Look at Jessica's expression when those antis threw the glowstick. They don't call her the Ice Princess for nothing. Fierce b…

Feeling Bald.

Status: I swear, if I can't go to the Super Junior concert, I'll die!
Song: Haru Haru by BIGBANG.

Just had a haircut yesterday. It was meh.

As much as I love to post a picture of me with my newly improved hairstyle, I have lost the camera.

And my phone has the worst image quality ever. Maybe you'll see it if you see me walking down the street. Like I ever will walk down a street.

Did ya like my new header?? It's a temporary header (or not) because I couldn't find a suitable picture. Anyway, if you got any ideas. Tell me!

Could It Be True?

Status: Is having a 'You-Belong-With-Me' moment.
Song: Lupin by KARA
_________________________________________________Taeyeon and Leeteuk?? Together? For real?! The picture above, is that a brotherly-sisterly gesture or something more??

Found this on allkpop, both of them are wearing the same necklace. Yes, the 'the couple jewelry' is the next big thing in Korea.

So, is it just a coincidence or are they really together?? But then again, those netizen can just be over err.. analyzed.. I mean, if I have the same necklace, does that mean I'm dating one of them?

If they are dating, I wouldn't mind, because they be really cute together though. Leaders Love!!

BlaBla Blair!!

Status: Happy Birthday To Blair
Song: Genie by Girls Generation.

OMG. 9th March already??

Blair, the girl who loves only girls. Could not get used to the fact that boys can sing too.

She's not lezzie. That's what she said.

She is just feminist. Like moi.

If there is someone who will 100% choose Chicks over Dicks, it would be Blair. She just don't trust boys.

Most of the times, we have the same maturity level though she's a bit lower than mine. Don't tell her that.

She can say whatever she wants because she's a bitch. Like the time she called me a bitch and *gasp* terlepas cakap girl. Seriously? Me??

And she has a thing for Yoona. Like a real lezzie thing. She idolized her.

But then again, if I were to have a plastic surgery, I would want to make myself looked like Yoona.

She is so pretty that everyone wants her including Leeteuk. Yes, my beloved hubby wants her.

The Seunggi, Leeteuk and Brian love triangle?? Oh, oh, oh, opparul sarangha…

Only 13 (+2)

Status: Is loving Shi-sus more than ever.
Song: I Go Crazy Because of You by T-Ara

Omona, Leeteuk said, Hi, Apa Khabar!! Kami Shuper Junio~~or!! I love Teukie The Malaysian Prince.

My life is complete. I swear Kyuhyun always in a weird mood when doing this sort of video. Look at his face at 0:14. He's like, 'Awh.. here we go again.."


At SS2 in Shanghai,
The Chinese ELFs have been very rude to my Zhou Mi and Henry. How dare they chant Hangeng's name everytime Zhou Mi and Henry sings. They even jeered Zhou Mi and asked him to get off the stage is tres' rude.

Thanks to Siwon for telling the fans to shut up. Am so amazed how the ELFs just kept quite after Siwon told them to STFU. Ahh.. the power of Idols.

Am glad that Super Junior can still control their fans unlike some certain group, 2PM. Jaebum should say something to those HOTTEST.

I say Zhou, you say Mi.

I say Hen, you say Ry!

Never hurt …

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

Status: Just found my perfect Oh! hairstyle. Oh Ja!
Song: I'm A Loner by CNBlue. Daridiridaradu..

I am annoyed. Annoyed the fact that nothing is going the way I want it. Can't I at least have the control on my life??

I can't go to the Super Junior concert.
I can't watch Music Bank since tuition started.
School life have been torturing and tiring but I can deal with it.
Pfft. Even my hair doesn't listen to me. Unbelievable.

What I need right now is a week off from the school and tuition, man , I really need that. I wish I could hang out with the girls and guys.

Maybe we could do crazy things like:
chasing the guys in the mall(TT)finding my 'real' SP in the pet shop (I swear he is real)singing loudly in The Gardens (Todd)dancing in public (Aria and me)promoting the fish spa (Todd, Aria, and me.)playing basketball with Todd who is trying to be the Hanamichi form Slam Dunk.riding thrill rides until we feel dizzy and nauseous.
make v…

The CSI Case

Status: Who are you?
Song: Round And Round by U-Kiss.

In conjunction of announcement from Korea Fair Trade Commission that they are investigating SM Entertainment unfair contract term (Yes, yes and tres' yes!)....

I had just realized something. The Kimmie Kim case still haven't solved. Crappio.

Guess I have to be a CSI again.

Who is Kimmie Kim? More importantly, do I even know Kimmie Kim?

Since my prime suspect, Aria is officially is not the Kimmie Kim. I couldn't think of anyone else.

I need Grissom!!!

p.s.: Look above and you'll see the new feature. Pages. Oo-er.. I command you to click it. Click!

The Dancing Black Hole

Status: Unf. Can't get enough of his hair.
Song: Honey by Leeteuk. Ooh. Ahh. Ooh. Ahh.

Oh. Phwoar. Just PHWOARR... Dancing KYU is the next sexay thing. Boo to Teukie for laughing at the back. Huff.

Do It Kyu.

Status: Because he's Kim Heechul.
Song: I Go Crazy Because Of You by T-Ara.

Seeing my very long hair
These days Yoonah held a scissors and said she will give me a self-cut hair Seeing my very long hair
These days Sic1(Jessica) said at this rate I will become a girlSeeing my very long hair
These days Sonkyu2 (Sunny) asked whether I will grow my hair as long as my heightSeeing my very long hair
These days Donghae said I look like a beggar and yell at me to cut itSeeing my very long hair
These days Jungmo said hyung is a really free person and told me to cut (my hair)Seeing my very long hair
These days Soojung3 (Krystal) was about to cry and told me even if I cut my hair a bit I still look coolSeeing my very long hair
These days Sulli only laughed heheheheSeeing my very long hair
These days the people from the company were like Heechul-ah your hair is a little too…saying those words to meSeeing my very long hair
These days Petals are comforting each oth…