Ways To Annoy

Status: Shibrows Gone Wild.
Song: Lupin by KARA.

Let's do the 'Emergency Exit Dance'.

Ways To Annoy My Mom:
  1. Sing loudly while she is driving.
  2. Tell her she's fat.
  3. Use sarcasm.
  4. Refuse to give free gifts to her in Farmville and CafeWorld
  5. Ask a lot of question.

Ways To Annoy My Dad:
  1. Covering your face with your hair.
  2. Cut your hair too short.
  3. Eat one bite at a time slowly.
  4. Be skinny.
  5. Keep your hair too long.

Ways To Annoy My Lil' Sis, Rainism:
  1. Tell her Rain is dead.
  2. Tell her Spongebob is dead.
  3. Hide her cat, LLC.
  4. Call Spongebob, Spongeboob.
  5. Ignore her.

Ways To Annoy Serena:
  1. IG is mine.
  2. Insult IG.
  3. Tell her she's too popular with boys.
  4. Hide her phone.
  5. IG is all mine.

Ways To Annoy Nelly:
  1. Call her Tak Tila and *cough*Bontot Hitam*cough*
  2. Don't give your phone to her.
  3. Ignore her sms or IM.
  4. Start a conversation about Charles, TT.
  5. Start a rumor about her and TT.

Ways To Annoy Jenny:
  1. Tell her you like TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki
  2. Know all TVXQ songs.
  3. Ask her a lot of questions.
  4. Insult about Sungmin, Yesung and Ryeowook.
  5. Point out her foreheads.

Ways To Annoy Blair:
  1. Tell her Yoona is too popular.
  2. Tell her she's lesbian.
  3. Tell her the snake ate her cat.
  4. Make rumor about her and TT, UG.

Ways To Annoy Aria:
  1. Tell her G-Dragon is gay.
  2. Insult any BigBang members


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