Listen To Their Heartbeat

Status: Is heartbroken by all this dramarama.
Song: Again & Again by 2PM.

I like 2PM. That is le fact.

Although, I'm not a full HOTTEST (Imma half-ELF, half-SONES, half-HOTTEST, half-A+, half-Triple S, half-4nia, half-primadonna, half-T-Express, half-VIP, half-shinee world, and half-kamilia), but I know it is just plain wrong to go anti on the other 2PM members. Seriously.

  • 26 fansites shut down.
  • The official fanclub lost 32% of its' members.
  • HOTTEST revealing some incriminating photos of the other 2PM members.
As a fan of them, I am saddened and disappointed at those so-called Hottest. Yes, it is sad that Jaebum left, but life must go on.

And the Myspace controversy is not the only reason why he left. It is said that a more serious problem has happened. I don't know what it is, but let's hope JYPe revealed it to let the fans themselves judge.

p.s: Eunhyukkie, please get well soon.
p.p.s: Congrats to SNSD successful encore concert..