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Listen To Their Heartbeat

Status: Is heartbroken by all this dramarama.
Song: Again & Again by 2PM.

I like 2PM. That is le fact.

Although, I'm not a full HOTTEST (Imma half-ELF, half-SONES, half-HOTTEST, half-A+, half-Triple S, half-4nia, half-primadonna, half-T-Express, half-VIP, half-shinee world, and half-kamilia), but I know it is just plain wrong to go anti on the other 2PM members. Seriously.

26 fansites shut down. The official fanclub lost 32% of its' members.HOTTEST revealing some incriminating photos of the other 2PM members.As a fan of them, I am saddened and disappointed at those so-called Hottest. Yes, it is sad that Jaebum left, but life must go on.

And the Myspace controversy is not the only reason why he left. It is said that a more serious problem has happened. I don't know what it is, but let's hope JYPe revealed it to let the fans themselves judge.

p.s: Eunhyukkie, please get well soon.
p.p.s: Congrats to SNSD successful encore conce…

As Usual It's Mine

Status: No Jaebum comeback?! RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
Song: Lupin by KARA. Emergency Exit Dance ftw!

Omona. It's official. Park Jaebum has left 2PM permenantly.


Eunhyuk diagnosed with swine flu. ASDHSFG.. I don't believe this.

On another note, Shibrows gone wild. I will forever remember this CF.

Ways To Annoy

Status: Shibrows Gone Wild.
Song: Lupin by KARA.

Let's do the 'Emergency Exit Dance'.

Ways To Annoy My Mom:
Sing loudly while she is driving.Tell her she's fat.Use sarcasm.Refuse to give free gifts to her in Farmville and CafeWorldAsk a lot of question.

Ways To Annoy My Dad:
Covering your face with your hair.Cut your hair too short.Eat one bite at a time slowly.Be skinny.Keep your hair too long.
Ways To Annoy My Lil' Sis, Rainism:
Tell her Rain is dead.Tell her Spongebob is dead.Hide her cat, LLC.Call Spongebob, Spongeboob.Ignore her.
Ways To Annoy Serena:
IG is mine.Insult IG.Tell her she's too popular with boys.Hide her phone.IG is all mine.
Ways To Annoy Nelly:
Call her Tak Tila and *cough*Bontot Hitam*cough*Don't give your phone to her.Ignore her sms or IM.Start a conversation about Charles, TT.Start a rumor about her and TT.
Ways To Annoy Jenny:
Tell her you like TVXQ/DBSK/TohoshinkiKnow all TVXQ songs.Ask her a lot of questions…

Brand New Sound

Status: Serena is alive!
Song: Oh! by SNSD

Now, now people, I know you want to dance to Oh! Me too.

So, I am trying to learn the dance routine which is tres hard. Maybe we could dance together too, Ms. Gucci and Blair.

Am I Your Genie?

Status: Genie deprived no more.
Song: Try To Copy Me by 2NE1

The video we all have been waiting for.

It's not my best work or my best dance but it was okay. I really wish we brought our real camera rather than a phone camera.

It's not the real Genie dance routine, we sort of made up some of the dance moves.

Yes, I just had to insert the teaser. It's like one of the best teaser ever.

Blair, this is for you.

Super Generation is Super

Status: Dancing Kyu is epic.
Song: Genie by SNSD.
_________________________________________I was so inspired by this video at 1:36 that I have to write something on the Super Generation couples.

Did ya watch the video?! Omona. Two surprises in a day? My heart could not take this.

First, since when did Kyuhyun dance? *sniff* He's growing up.
Second, Kyuhyun was totally biting his lips while watching Seohyun/Yoona dancing. He was checking out the girls.

Oh, I heard Seohyun and CNBlue's leader, Yonghwa (the guy from You're Beautiful, supposedly to be the next Kim Hyun Joong.) are the next couple in We Got Married. Like Ga-in and JoKwon.
*scream awkward!!!*

That's going to be interesting and awkward. Seohyun to me seems like someone who isn't interested in boys. Not in a lezzie way but I know the feeling. The feeling that you're not that interested in finding a boyfriend or a husband for that matters.

I mean she said she cringed to Oh! lyric. I do too.

Oh, oh, oh, opparul s…

Oh? Oh! Aria.

Status: Miss Cookie Monster. The Oh dance moves is fun!
Song: Oh! by SNSD.

Sort of stole this picture. For a very good reason. 13th is her birthday.

She's in hospital though. Get well soon, girl.

Aria is so fun to be with. Even though we don't have the same taste in boys (Aria: G-Dragon; Me: Donghae) we're still the best of friends.

She has a thing for weird things like plaids , G-Dragon, Heesika, and topless guys. No, I'm not lezzie just because I don't squeal when a guy is not wearing any shirt on.

We do crazy things. Well, you know things like swimming in the rain, dancing in public, making noises in cinema, acting out Twilight scene in public and stuff that must not mention here. *cough*video*cough*

Err, anyway, lots of hugs and kisses (not in lezzie way.) and GD weirdoness to Aria.

p/s: Thanks for the Gee tutorial dance routine. Now, I could dance to anything.