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Fallen Angel

Status: Feel the sadness of one-sided love.
Song: I'm A Loner by CN Blue.

If you had just told me honestly that you got someone else.
That you hate me.Then I wouldn’t have hated you to death.(check it one two three.)
Remembering your words, they are all silly lies.I’m a loner I’m a loner. daridiridara duI’m a loner I’m a loner. daridiridara duI'm A Loner hurt by love and waiting for love.
One-sided love is the worst kind of love. Loving someone who doesn't love you back. That is just harsh.
But, this kind of love make the best songs and stories. For example, 'Wedding Dress' by Taeyang. Never have I feel so sad listening to the Wedding March.When the music starts
You will vow to spend
The rest of your life with him
How I prayed every night
This day would never come'Where I Stood' by Missy Higgins. My favourite sad song of 2008. Still is. And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you.
All I know is that I sh…



Key Is My Diva Bitch.

Status:Key, Heechul and JoKwon are my divas forever.
Song: MUZIK by 4Minute. Because I still remembered how hot Key looked when he danced to it.

If there's one Korean celebrity that I would call gay, it would be JoKwon. He is so gay that I hope he isn't gay because he's really cute. He's the only diva that can make you laugh when he dance. I love him to death.

Heechul could be the leader of the Divas. He invented the HEESICA. Everyone knows he's the prettiest among the pretty boys of Super Junior.

He made all the Super Junior members (except Hangeng, Shindong, Yesung, and missing!Kibum) do a special Gee performance. He made them all cross-dressing and gave them a new name. Like KyuYoung (Kyuhyun/SooYoung), YoonHae (Yoona/Donghae), SeoWook (Seohyun/Ryeowook) and MinSunny(Sungmin/Sunny).
Then, there's Key. He's the bitch of the divas. If there's any guy who takes girl group dance moves seriously, it would be Key. He could…

I Wish.

Status: Iz getting distracted.
Song: I'm A Loner by CNBlue.

Miss you guys so effin' much.
Wish you were here.
Nothing is the same without you.

End Of Something Is Never Awesome

Status: Everyone is awkward with everyone.
Song: Lollipop by f(x)&M.I.C. - The Chines version of BigBang's Lollipop.

It's so weird when someone randomly told you that you're not stupid. Obviously, you're not stupid. That until you realize your personal message was : Because I'm Stupid.

I’m really, very foolish
I know of no one other than you
you’re looking at someone else
yet you have no idea of my feelings like this I won’t be in your days
I won’t be in the memories either, however
only you, I looked only at you
and the tears keep coming As i watch you walking past, I’m still happy
even yet you still don’t know my heart
I should stop this and goBecause I'm Stupid -SS501

I think I should join the 'We Used To Be Close.. Now, We're Completely Strangers' group in Facebook.

You know, when you used to have hours of conversation with someone but now, you hardly talk to him/her.

When the person sat beside you, you literally ignored…

Flowers Over Boys

Status: Wouldn't it be awesome if Kim Hyun Joong and Vic Zhou met?
Song: Because I'm Stupid by SS501

I love the kind of quiet, cool, rebel guy in Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flower, Meteor Garden, and Meteor Shower. It's such a shame that they never end up with the girl. LONG LIVE, Hanazawa Rui/ Hua Zhe Lei/JiHoo!


Imagine, you walking towards the entrance. Never have you seen so many girls and some guys in one place. You looked beside you. A group of girls singing to Sorry, Sorry wearing blue t-shirts, and carrying blue light sticks. They squealed and giggling. Thinking they're the no 1 Fan.

Apparently, almost everyone is thinking alike.

You saw posters of them everywhere. Korean/Hangul words are everywhere. '

Saranghae.' 'Aegyo' 'Oppa~'

Eeteuk-oppa! Heechul-oppa! Hangeng-oppa! Kangin-oppa! Yesung-oppa! Shindong-oppa! Sungmin-oppa! Eunhyuk-oppa! …

Shawty? Sorry?

Status: Iz hating da school forever.
Song: Tired Of Waiting by 2PM

I just found out Super Junior is going to released the fourth album very soon. OhMyGawd!

Am spazzing Sorry Sorry, It's You and Shuper Girl right away.

WAIT. Is Hangeng going to be in the album? Is the Always Missing!Kibum will ever be well... not missing?

So, that's why Ryeowook is doing yoga. He's going to buff up. Haha.

Wookie + six pack? Plz no.

Do it, Do It Kyu.

Status: Haha. Calculator dilemma from Todd.
Song: Tired Of Waiting by 2PM

Gasp. Todd just bought a calculator. Yes, that's the biggest news of the day. I am seriously bored. Which equals to no life-> ME.

At last, I chatted with the missing!Blair. She's surprisingly alive and still loving Yoona.

Pfft. And she called me lez.

Now, I am contemplating (OMG, New Word) on which songs I would as my SMS tone. Will it be:

Bo Peep by T-AraChu~ by f(x).A Song Calling For You by SS501.Or maybe, i should just stick to It's You.


Listen.... To Kyu.

Status: Because Kyuhyun is my sources of happiness.

How I love Kyuhyun for this. I thought I couldn't survived this week until this song is released. It's so refreshing. I just love his voice. I could melt just hearing him say love you.


NEWSFLASH> Todd know more SS501 and U-KISS songs than me. Unbelievable.

Not only that, he downloaded my personal favourite song, FT Island's I Hope. Iz sad and annoyed.

So far, he has about 30 songs from SHInee, Super Junior, SNSD, SS501, FT Island, U-KISS, BEAST, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, Chunglim, and KARA in his phone. Seriously.

Now, I don't have a personal favourite song. I guess I have to like 2Ne1, Rainbow and 4Minute. Maybe, I should like MBLAQ since no one really like their song.

But of course, right now, my personal favourite song has to be Kyuhyun's Listen To You.


Status: New year, new resolution.
Song: Listen... To You by Kyuhyun.

10 days have passed, and here I am, still alive and laughing. Well, more like whining.

I'm starting tuition again. That technically sucks because of the timing. Who the hell goes to tuition at 6 PM. Stupido. I have shows to watch. When will I ever going to watch Music Bank??

On the brightside, Super Junior and Girls Generation are MTV's Artist Of The Month mainly because of the Seoul thingy. Whatever, S-E-O-U-L is one hell of a song.

And, I bought Super Show 2 album that is straightly imported from Korea. Yes, it cost 70 bucks. And it's all worth it.

Today, just bought SS501's album, Rebirth, which comes with a SS501 file, 1 mini-poster, 1 mega-poster, and a photo book of them. RM 50. It's all good.

Now, I'm planning to brag about it to Todd. Who is so so in love with Yuri from Girls' Generation, Thanks to me.

So, what's next for me? Girls Generation's a…

What? School?

Status: Excited? Don't Think So.
Song: Lies by Big Bang.

Wow, 2010 came so fast. Today is the last day of school break. Suck.

But, look on the brightside, this is my last year in SMKSP. How many times have I dreamed of graduating from high school? It's feels so surreal.