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Love 2011

Status: Just add a music player.
Song: Damn Girl by All American Rejects

It's the 1st January of 2011. I can't believe I survived 2010. When I thought I can't but here I am.

Let's part~~tayyy!

Let's reminisce 2010. I'll think I will miss 2010.

It is the year of change. Year Of Transitioning.

I gain new interesting friends. I lose some precious friends. You know who you are.

I gain new admiration of hot guys. *cough* Ian Somerhalder*cough*. This guy is so hawt. I think, besides Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, he's the only guy I wouldn't mind seeing him shirtless.

I lose admiration of people too. Taeyeon-unnie and Krystal, you kind of disappointed me.

I gain new experiences too. Who knows singing out loud is enjoyable?

I gain respect of people. I also lose respect of certain people. Najib, father and Shindong.

I have been hurt by people. Go on, make a bitchface at me.
I have also hurt people. I still think you deserved it…

Vampires Suck

Status: I think I had too much vampires this week.
Song: Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne.

I'm gonna ask you to stop, thought I liked you a lot, but I'm really upset
Did I not tell you that I'm not like that girl, the one who, throws it all away?

I think I might like Vampire Diaries after all. I still hate vampires except Damon Salvatore now.

He is so evil yet I still root for this guy. He kills people for almost like every episode. I'd still like him. I mean, the last episode I watched, he was almost burned to death if it weren't for Elena.

Elena: "I saved your life."

Damon: "I know."

Elena: "Don't you forget it."

My heart may have fluttered a bit there especially when Damon said, "I know." You can watch the cliphere.

Maybe it's because that's what vampires suppose to do. Not on some diet. Geez, vampires aren't supposed to be that nice and they feed on human blood.

His younger bro…

Your Love Is A Lie, Song, Drug.

Status: Stares at the handbag, am I for real?
Song: Hit It Again by 3Oh!3.

I don't understand Asians drama. Really. They are basically the same thing. Doesn't matter if it is an Indonesian drama, Japanese drama, Taiwanese drama, Korean drama or Malay drama.

They are all the same.

Most of their drama have the same core plot.

A girl loves a guy who always makes her life miserable. She will do anything for him even though he hurts her.

Then there's another guy who happens to like the girl and do anything for her. Always standing in the corner, and waiting for the girl to change her mind.

But, she never does. She will always likes the first dude. They will live happily ever after. Blah, blah, blah..

Pretty much, every drama is like this. They just change the character, the names, the background story, the places and the time.

Don't believe me? I could name a few drama..

Meteor Garden.
Hana Yori Dango.Boys Over Flower.You're Beautiful.Ouran…

The Wave

Status:What Is A VJ? Good question.
Song: I Like It by Enrique Iglesias.
I am not sure I want to like you, Kim Jaejoong. But this picture is hot. With your tongue sticking out. How can I not like you?!


I am in need of new acitvity. Not staring at the picture for 5 minutes.

Last night, Aida came and she along with Sara suggested that we should do a kpop mix of parody/cover.

The songs included is:Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara.Without U by 2PMMystery by Beast.Abracadabra by Brown Eyed GirlsMirotic by DBSKMr. by KARASorry Sorry by Super Junior.Nobody by Wonder Girls.
Nu ABO by f(x)I My Me Mine by 4Minute.Lucifer by SHINee.Breathe by Miss A.Man Man Ha Ni by U-KissMarshmallow by IU.All of these songs under 6 minutes. Imagine me editing 14 songs under 6 minutes.

Hard. Lucifer and Sorry Sorry are such a pain in the ass. How the hell do you edit these songs beside songs like 'Nobody'. Impossible.

If you thought editing the songs are bad, think again.…

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Status: OMG, no one will take you seriously Girl Story. You're 9.
Song: Hit It Again by 3Oh!3.

I am having some serious talk with myself. I think my family *esp Dad's side* is sexist. I hate it. I mean whaaat kind of father is against her daughter's ambition?

Some Malay soap opera father that is.

I want to learn in Engineering and he's like, that's for boys, find something else that other girls do.

I mean, What The Fuck? It's my life. Who are you to judge based on my gender?

I hate my sexist family sometimes. My mom isn't, though she wasn't too pleased when I told her I wanted to become a pilot.

But when she heard what my dad's opinion is she's all, 'I support what you're gonna do as long you get sponsored.'

Thanks. They said I'm stingy. They haven't seen my mom yet.

Anyway, I am not going to live my life according to my non-existent dad's approval. If I want to learn Engineering, I…

Oh, Boys.

Status: What is life? Life is what?Song: Touchin' On My by 3Oh!3. Love this song. _____________________________________________
It has been only about 2 weeks since SPM end. I am bored to death.
Seeing all the 15 year olds kids taking the results is making nervous for my result. What is this life?
Why am I laying around the house with no aim to live? Is this all, life?
I spend my time on my bed, thinking which SPN cast is hotter. Misha Collins is hot in a weird creepish way but Jensen Ackles is so sexy with his green eyes and his awesome batman voice.
Oh-My I hate my boring life so much that I am tempted to get a job. No. I will not get a job. I am not that desperate. Yet.
Maybe I should take my driving license. Wait, I am soo not ready for driving. I am too young to drive.
I am tempted to watch Vampire Diaries now. Actually bought the whole Season 1 boxset. Maybe I should watch it, to kill off some time.
Ian Somerhalder is so hawt that I am tempted to watch the show about vampires. God, …

Ayyy Boy

Status: Everyone is an ass during high school. You included too.
Song: Can't Nobody English Version by 2NE1. I am now convinced 2NE1 is an international group.

Some groups should have just stayed in Korea. *cough*JYJ*cough* Some are destined for bigger things. Like 2NE1. I just realized Can't Nobody has an English Version! I'm kind of slow when it comes to YG artists.

It was an epic song. Honestly, I actually like it better in English. It sounds much more better in English. The girls can sing in English really good. They are kind of awesome after all.

Anyway, I am here not to blog about my new profound interest in 2NE1. I am here to blog about hot guys.

I have a confession to make.

I have a weak spot for English boys. I can't help it. It's the accent. The way they talk are so overwhelming a plus for me. The way they swear and the way they pronounce the word 'bloody' are attractive in a weird way.

If I were given a chance t…

Do I Still Like Kyu?

Found this. It fits what I thought about Kyuhyun's popularity. He's everywhere and I don't know if I should be happy or hate it.

This is probably how SM want to divert the fangirls' attention because Teuk and Chul are entering army next year. Overworking Kyu and leave the others in the dark.

I can see you, SM. How you unofficially drop Super Junior and promoted more on SNSD. You're not going to waste your chances or money on a dying boy group. I wouldn't too. But still, they have at least deserved something for their hardwork and effort.

I still like Kyu. Maybe a little less.

My One True Pairing, Aww..

Status: I need a hair treatment and a new hairstyle.
Song: Enchanted by Taylor Swift. Best song of the album so far.

I got so excited over GD&TOP mv that I couldn't focus on it. The song sounds nice. I hate TOP hair. GD will forever be GD. So, no comment on his hideous hair. ~HIGH HIGH~

Although the K-poppers are all over GD&TOP right now, I don't really go wild over their song. They will won and beat the hell out of other artists that is currently promoting. VIPs are going to show their true colours and make any artist comeback this year irrevelant. So, forget Girls' Generation, 2NE1, 2PM or Super Junior. GD&TOP is back bitches./bricked.

Everything is irrevelant in K-pop world unless you're SONEs that watch the Melon Award and being shocked and happy for the girls winning everything. LOL. Who else will win there except them? Duh.

Whatever. I am going to be a troll and trolling K-pop through this month. Haters gonna ha…

Unnie, Ottoke?

Status: I can't help it. I do wanna touch you, iPod.
Song: I Wanna by AAR. In the making of my very first Dean/Castiel video.

I don't know how I should be reacting to this post. This is not the reality I wanted.

It's not my fault your cousin has the same name as the other guy, okay?!

There's like hundreds of guy out there with that same name.

Omigod, what if 'he' reads that post?
*flapping my arms wildly* *hyperventilating*
Chill, me. Obviously, if he knew, I wouldn't see him for the rest of my life. Sort of.

Of course, Heesika, I remember this shirt. I practically urged you to buy it. It looks awesome on you and it fits you too. I secretly, wanted the shirt but since I'm nice and all that. I let you buy it.

Because then, I could borrow it from you. Hoho. Sharing is caring. After all, I think we wore the same size.

We were told that we even looked like each other even though we beg to differ. Oh, oh, when are we going to …

Oy, Teletubbies Sedunia.

Status: Penat btul tulis kat semua orang punye wall.
Song: complicated by Rihanna. Still addicted to this song.

Okay, post nie dalam bahasa melayu. Yelah, bile tulis dalam English ade orang tak paham. So, meh aku tulis sikit dalam bhs melayu. ~Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa~

First of all, si budak Anis yang perangai maseh cam kanak-kanak ribena asyik panggil aku Mak Cik jer. Yelah.. mentang-mentang jelez dengan aku. Aku dah habis sekolah, ko bile?

Dahla penuh inbox aku dengan notifications pasal Teleamin and Teleanis flirting sesama. Isk,isk takyah la tag nama aku kalau korang nak berbual kat FB. Aku tak diperlukan dalam perbualan korang.

Amin, jangan tinggi lagi tau. Ko dah cukup tinggi. Biar aku pulak tinggi. Hoho, bile aku jumpe kau, aku akan jadi lebih tinggi. HOHOHO~~

Huhu, happy bile aku tengok ramai orang online. Tapi sedih bile aku tengok ade sesetengah orang, aku tak berteguran. Obviously, dah habis sekolah, mana ade jumpe lagi.

Nak tegur pun, seg…

Get Tangled Up With Me.

Status: I just realized we, the ELFs didn't fulfilled our promises to the boys. So, that's why ELFs are all butthurt. Ceh. How come I never know these promises?!

Song: Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson. ~JUST WALK AWAYYY~

So here I am blogging about the celebration of post!SPM life. Just because I don't have the inspiration to finish my video and waiting for latest Supernatural episode to download.

I wake up early in the morning just to download the episode. I had a life, once.

On with the topic I was supposed to blog about.

This happened 2 days ago. Back when SPM just finished.

We actually plan this outing since last week. I kind of brought up the idea.

'We should go out after SPM. Movies, karaoke-ing and stuffs.' - Me.
'Excellent idea, my genius cousin.'

Well, it goes something like that.

Anyway, while I was busy studying my Biology, they researched about where and how should we go. Curve at first but then, no transport, s…


Status: Why do you make it so hard to love you?
Song Complicated by Rihanna. Great, now I'm addicted to this song.

Hoshit. I just realized that we made a pact last night that each one of us are supposed to blog about yesterday.

I will. As soon as I get the pictures from her.

Anyway, I can't believe Super Junior lost to SNSD. Great. I should be happy. Really. Girls' Generation is my favourite girl group since forever.

But, Super Junior is my bias.

Which reminds me, let's blog about SNSD, So Nyuh Shi Dae, Girl's Generation, Shoujo Jidai.

There's something about the girls. You either hate them, love them or just don't give a 'Hoot' about them.

I'm more towards adoring these girls. They're so precious and their songs kind of catchy too.

I would like to think that SNSD has equal fans and antifans. Because of the never-ending scandals between the boybands. 2PM, DBSK, Super Junior, Beast, SHINee. The list just goe…

My School Rocks.

Status: Don't understand this effery, is Jessica really molested? I will kill that SOB.
Song: Ya Ya Ya by T-ara. Best T-ara song ever!

I love the new T-ara song so much that this proves why T-ara is my third favourite girl group. Jiyeon is precious.

SPM is done, done and done. Quote from Lady GaGa, "I'm a free bitch, baby."

Well, that sounds wrong.

Anyways, I am sure you're wondering what am I going to do after SPM. I know you're wondering that because people keep asking me that.

I did make a list of post!SPM acitvities. Yes, I am that bored. Here are some from the list I made.

The first thing I will do tomorrow is going out with Aida and Sara. But something is in the way. We'll ninja through it, don't you worry.Then, I will celebrate this post!SPM by going on a holiday with the females of my family. (My dad couldn't go for working reasons.)We are already in plan for another parody slash cover of K-pop hits. I am…

Let Me Seeya Lalala.

Status: Freedom. Rawr.
Song: Ya Ya Ya by T-ara.

I knew it. Supernatural won over Chuck. Tres yes!

Your welcome, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and my favourite person in this moment, Misha Collins. I will rob a bank for you.

Yes, you know us so well, Jensen Ackles, we are agressive fans. I ain't gonna let some nerdy secret agent tv show win, okay?!

I guess my hard work did paid off this time. Huh. After countless of times voting for you. I lurve you, Supernatural.

Especially after watching the latest episode. Yes! Castiel get his first kiss. It was so hot. No words can be described what I am feeling when I saw that. Obviously, you, Cas learn from the 'Pizza Man'.

~My first kiss went a little like this~

"It's very complex. If the pizza man truly loves the babysitter, why does he keeps slapping her rear?"

"Perhaps she done something wrong."

This is so much like something I read from fanfiction. Well, except De…

It's A Souless Thing

Status: What?!- I can't even-.. Why?!
Song: Only Girl by Rihanna. Why does this song makes my heart go pitter patter?

Oh God, I just realized my Hotmail email account got hacked or something like that.

That's what you get when you don't sign in your email account for the whole year.

So, what should I do? SPM is getting nearer. This is no time for me to worry about some lame ass email account that I haven't used since forever.

Yes, Jensen Ackles, I promise I won't ditch you for sleep like last time. It's not exactly my fault that you're always on around 2 in the morning.

So, for getting rid of this guilt, I am going to watch My Bloody Valentine at 2 in the morning in HD. Yeahhhh.. Jensen Ackles on the screen in HD.

Uhh.. I should be studying. However, I can't.

Ever since I found out about this Castiel and Meg. Is this even possible? I thought she was dead. I mean Castiel literally stepped on her last season.

I approved. So…

You Are My First Love

Status: Whatever laptop, you shut down on me again, I will throw you into the sea.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior.

Super Junior, you could probably be the last thing I'll be blogging about until SPM ends.

Today is their 5th Anniversary. They debuted in 2005 and with Kyuhyun in 2006.

Some people may said that 13 [or 15] is too much. That it is the epitome of 'Quantity over Quality.'

Yeah, they may not be living up to their popularity. Some critics called them' the worst idols ever to debut'.

And yes, their songs sound a bit well mostly nonsense. Really? Sorry Sorry? Bonamana?

Obviously, they are not the BEST likeDBSKor BIG BANG or SS501.

Moreover, some of the members of Super Junior are just plain talentless and unlikeable.

I may have known them for over a year now, but they have been there when I'm depressed.

They make me laugh with their failness and dorkyness that I probably sneered at if I hadn't knew them.


Few More Weeks. I'll be gone

Status: Humans are so low sometimes.
Song: Body by The Servant.

I love Dean and Castiel.

You’ve got to take your mind off him,
But not with aspirins
You won’t,
You won’t let your family in.

When you don’t know what you want,
You end up finding that you haunt your own
Your own life. -Body by The Servant-

This song that I'm currently listening to non-stop for 2 days fits this article I read today. It's about this girl who spoke out about an idol raping her years ago.

I don't want to go and said the rumor is true or false because I don't really know.

But if it is, then the dude (Some Co-Ed's member) should go to jail and die there.

But if it isn't, then, the girl should check into mental hospital.

Because to me, this is no funny topic to play with or make fun of.

Because there are actual some low scumbags who rape for the heck of it in this dying world.

Imagine, if you find out the one who raped you years ago is currently idolized by th…

Times Like These, All You Need Is

Status: I am awake. Fully awake.
Song: Hoot by SNSD. Epic Song. I LIKE it. I laugh, Hoot, Hoot, Hoot.

The fact that SNSD's new song is awesome, I believe today's event make this life feels impossibly depressing and awesome at the same time.

I cannot wait for Friday night to come in US.

CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!! Where have you been for 2 weeks? I miss you. I need you with your pretty blue eyes and those voice to get me through this horrible, horrible life.

My heart is screaming for you.

Just last night, I dreamed about Dean. Today, an article of Supernatural in newspaper.

It's like the world is calling me to watch this clip.

Is it wrong for me to say that my one true pairing right now is Dean/Castiel? It is so wrong but right in every way.

I should actually care what is wrong with Sam but who the hell gives a 'hoot', right?

Can't be help. I love them too much.

This show is wanting us to ship the pairing like cr…

Live Free or Twihard. HARD.

Status: I want rapeyvampire!Dean too!! D:
Song:My Love by Sia. Twilight Eclipse's OST.

I watch Twilight. Not that a fan of the story because the cast was not hot. Edward Cullen was downright creepy. And in Dean's word, "Rapey."

Supernatural done it again. Another parody. Twilight parody. Sort of.

Oh Samifer, they even named the vampire Robert. Hah. Kristen? Way to go subtle, SPN.

"Look at this." *points at a book* "He's watching her sleep, how is that not rapey?"

This. Dean.

While Sam is trying to hack umm Kristen notebook. "Try Lautner."

Sam: Wait.. He's a werewolf. How do you even who he is?
Dean: Are kidding me? That kid's everywhere. Frickin' nightmare.

Dean: Are you wearing glitter?
fake!Vamp: I only do that to get laid, man.
Dean: Does it work?

Fake!Vamp shrugged before ran off.

Then, the real vampire came and said to Dean, "You're PRETTY."

You think?! Oh wait, the vampire is…

Shush, Hoot.

Status: Jensen Ackles's voice is going to be the death of me. *SCREAMS*
Song: Exit Wounds by The Script. I officially LOVE The Script.

Who else cannot wait for SNSD's comeback? I do.

At last, a relevant artist is making a comeback. I thought K-Pop has gotten boring. What? Did you expect me to get me squeal over 2PM new lame song.

I thought Without U's dance routine was so un-manly. You should see I'll Be Back's dance routine.

Yes, stomp those feet to the exit with your fugly make-up, boys. Show me some manly dance like back in those Heartbeat days.

Since I am uninterested in Kpop these days, I have gone back in full mode as Supernatural fangirl.

Jensen Ackles will forever be my number one hottest guy. With those pretty long eyelashes and those hypnotizing green eyes.

He's a director now. I won't mind being directed by Mr Ackles.

While I'm waiting for the Twilight episode to be downloaded, I am going to blog about my tr…

Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment.

Status: Whataya Want From ME?
Song: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert.

Most of the time I like Malaysia enough to actually stay in the country. But this made go 'Ugh. Malays.' Just like those non-Malay boys in my class.

And I am in no way feel insulted. It's some sort of inside joke.

Adam Lambert was having a concert yesterday. Guess what made in the news today?

Some Malaysian that apparently don't know how to tolerate. I thought they were going to wrote something about how awesome Adam L performed. With those shiny and pretty costumes.

I mean you can go against gay and those shit. I know, it's against our beliefs. Believe me, me too.

But, one thing I've learned in this small world is you should not mix anything like Science with Religion.

I mean, there's a huge gap. I believe I can like anything as long it doesn't affect my beliefs.

Is it wrong to like Adam L's songs just because he's gay? Uhh.. no. Not t…

Life Gives You Shit, Flush It.

Status: I am pessimist. Don't look so sunshine-y on me.
Song: Maps by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I hate today. I hate 15/10/10. Officially. Friday can't be this bad. I shouldn't have come to school. It was boring most of the time but that's school to you.

Then, Add Maths came and stomped on my heart. The result was not that awful. But still, it was frustrating. There goes my hope for straight A's.

I bet I'm not the only one who felt about Add Maths like this. Add Maths, I've worked about more than a month on you.

I studied you. I frickin' studied you. I don't study. Not a month before exam study. Me and Last Minute Revision is forever BFF.

You destroyed my BFF-ery with LMR. I did it all for you, Add Maths.

This is what I get in return?? B+?? Why are you like this??

Then, Biology came along. I was ready for it. Because I thought I did badly for Biology.

But ever since I watched that damn Kim Takgu, I have been on this optim…

King Of Twitter

Heechul has been on Trending Topic for 4 days now.

He could be the next Bieber. No.

Bieber should be the next Kim Heechul.

Like Kim Heechul's motto.

'In this universe, only Kim Heechul exist.'

He made Facebook. But soo many users added him that Facebook won't allow me to add.

Why?! Is Heechul that awesome???

Yo, Supernatural Is Sexist.

Status: And I sort of miss you too.
Song: Natural by S Club 7. They were like SuperShiDae to the 7 year old me.

I'm going to warn you though. This is going to be all about Supernatural from Season 1 till Season 6. It's me rambling about my favourite tv show in the world. SUPER LONG.

I don't give a damn if you're going to let out a disappointed sigh and told me to write more about my life. I don't want to. Not right now.

I've been a fan of this show since season 2. Haven't actually watched the whole season 1 but hey! It was the scariest season of Supernatural.

I still remember my first time watching Supernatural. It was more of like Fate wanted me to meet the hottest guy in the world.

It was around 11P.M. I was flipping channels because I couldn't sleep. Then I accidentally saw Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on tv.

I was thinking to myself how utterly flawless Jensen Ackles looked back then. His green eyes, …

Angel Will Take You To The Left.

Status: Whut? Castiel I am coming for you!!!
Song: Dismissed by Uffie.

Oh. People. Come on, you know you ah-dore the shit I do and write.

So run back to your computer, your mum, and your crack pipe.

A little lost? Don't be afraid to push that little X button. To the left, puh-leaze.

Ish. Cam bodoh je tulis message tu. Ala. Kalau dah benci sangat kenapa datang kat sini? Ayat cam budak darjah satu. At least, aku punye English lagi bagus dari kau punye Konglish. Nampak tak RDR tu bukan cover la pandai, tu parody. Walaupun tak lawak, at least aku enjoy buat tu.

Huh. Rasa nak ketawa jer. Uhukz. Anis, sayangz jangan layan troll nie. Nanti die asyik datang and mencemarkan website PL.


Who is excited for Supernatural Episode 3? I know I do. More Castiel for me. Don't be a douche, Castiel, okay??

"Now lay me down to sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his feathery-ass down here."

"Come on, Cas. Don't be …
Hey!! For all you crazy guys out there..

You know, the ones who think they can't be replaced.

There's a new way.

You're gonna hit Ctrl+C for copy.

And then you're gonna hit Ctrl+V for pasting.

And create the man of my desire.

Because Of You, My Body Wants You.

Status: Can't believe I haven't been online for 3 days.
Song: Breathe by Miss A. I don't care. I stan Miss A so effin' much.

Trials was vair unbelievably gawd awful.

How can they make Biology and Add Maths questions that difficult??

Are they trying to kill me?

Well Mr. Trials, you can't.

I am going to shove all your hard stupid questions back into your throat and make you choke on it.

There's still Chemistry and Physics. 2 more to go. Go Me.

On to Kpop dramarama news.

I think I like Co-Ed. Sort of.

I love Miss A new song, Breathe. It gives off Indonesian vibe to me. But, I like the dance routines. So cute. Suzy is precious.

I like SHINee's Hello. It was a bit boring. The dance was nothing special. I like Jonghyun now.

Beast's Soom . Haven't heard it yet. [Not that interested in Beast. So whatever.]

BoA's Copy And Paste was awesome for the first 30 seconds. Then, I got bored.

Shoujo Jidai.I mean, Girls…

Run Devil Run

Song: Copy and Paste by BoA. I like.

I love this song. My favourite song of SNSD. Though I don't think I will be listening to it for weeks.

It is the song that best describe with the saying, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

I realized that we did this parody/cover in fasting month. Thumbs up for our dedication to this song. 3 days in a row. How about that??

I actually don't want to make this video. Because of my laziness and lack of inspiration.

I rather make videos of Dean than making this video. Because it was just so boring and uninspiring.

The last 10 seconds was pure randomness/[ laziness shown at its best.]

I had problem with the coloring of this video. Nothing suits the song or the video coloring. I hate it. Because I just started to get hang of making pretty coloring.

So, I ended up making it looked like that.

Oh. And it is in HD. Sort of. Took hours to render it in HD. 128MB is HUGE.

My internet connectio…

500 Days Of Sony Vegas

Status: Just watched The Soloist. It is sort of gay-ish relationship kind of story. I like.
Song: Boy Hunter by Skye Sweetnam. I love this song.

I don't really know what I should be doing at this time of hour. It's late.

I should be studying.

But guess what? Sara just update her blog. Confetti!! It's a parade!!

Guess everyone had their own perspective of Raya 2010.

I am definitely not done with Raya. As in 'I wish I could go back in time and change everything.'

But I can't.

And Supernatural Season 6 premiere is a disappointment. The fact that Dean rather be with ~Lisa~ than Sam is completely not okay, OKAY?!

Though Lisa is sort of okay (Love her when she said Dean is amazing in bed and called him an idiot.*insert girlish giggles* ) but she is still not my favourite SPN girl. Bela, Blonde!Ruby and Jo are so much better than her. At least they can kick Dean's ass. Not ~Lisa~. I love Dean's nightmare though.

I can'…

Ikea, Daim Cakes and BM

Status: Ikea, the never-ending mall. You could get lost in there.
Song: Boy Hunter by Skye Sweetnam. Get On Your Knees, Hands Up, boy.

Gawd, BM, why are you like this?

My mind went blank when I read the questions. I think I am not going to score well in this test. And it's trials for Facebook's sake!

The KOMSAS questions were awful. So awful. Did they really think I would read that 'Jangan Bunuh Rama-Rama' drama?

It's stupid and no one can understands it.


I'm not an excellent student when it comes to BM even though I speak and breath BM. It's a huge shame.

But really, one of my weakest point in BM is peribahasa. Ugh. I never understand peribahasa.

The question goes something like, 'sanggup membuat sesuatu untuk kepentingan sendiri walaupun menyusahkan orang lain..' Find the most suitable peribahasa.

I knew the answer is somewhere in my head but I just can't seem to phrase it out.

After much of considera…