Where's My Kyuhyun?!

Status: Shit. Just lost my Kyuhyun.
Song: Happiness by Super Junior. One of the songs where there's no Kyuhyun in it. :(

Aaaahhh.. I lost the bookmark. The Bookmark that I made with my own two hands while studying History. Or.. was it Biology?? Who cares..

The only thing I know is Kyuhyun's gone.

Anyway, My Queen Serena has her own blog. Yay me!! For totally spreading the bloggy love. Hehe.

First, Lil Jay. Then, me. Next, Blair. Finally, Serena. I wonder if Nelly would have her own blog. What am I thinking?? She couldn't even log in her email account that Dean made especially for her.

Jealous girls (Me+Serena) over here!! It's not everyday a guy would made an email account for you. Nelly is soo lucky. Wait, I shouldn't said that.

Sadly, yesterday. Our beloved Dean went back to Egypt. And Serena told me that he won't be back for another 8 years. THAT LONG?! Serena even gave him a farewell gift which is so sweet of her. Right??


~CikSalihah~ said…
ahahaha,,kite je la yg jd pompuan yg sgt jelez eh..
xaci btol..untung qila..
harap qila xmembaca ini..