Super Junior Is Love

Status: Dancing to sorry sorry.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by SuJu.

Super Junior rocks. Officially. I love them. All 13 of them. Each of them has their own thing going on. So I'm going to write about each of them, starting from the least guy I like.

1. Shindong.
I think he's the last one I started to like. He's a funny dude. A bit fat, but that never stop him from being the main dancer in the group. I admire this guy. And his name. Hahaha.. ShinDong.

2. Kangin.
Honestly, I'm not a fan of him. He's the tough guy, likes to beat the crap out of his members. He's like the dad of Super Junior. And with the scandal he's been through, I felt bad for this guy.

3. Heechul.
This guy.. Is like the most weirdest guy I've ever met. He's soo full of himself, change his hairstyle like almost every week, pranking other members and it's not surprising he kissed other members. He doesn't even dance when all other members performing onstage. But I like this guy, he's different in a way. I think his nickname is Cinderella. Err.. that change my thoughts on Cinderella forever.

4. Siwon.
This guy is the manliest out of all the member. He has a huge fanbase because of his look. Doesn't talk much though. Oh, he's the most religious among the members too. He is skilled in Taekwondo and became the youngest in Korea holding the fourth rank in the black belt. So yeah, this guy is cool.

5. Ryeowook.
Aww.. He's cute in a way. And soo nice. He may be not the youngest one in the member but he's always the eternal magnae. Because of his adorable face. Of course, that's not the only talent he have. He has the voice. He's actually one of the main singer in Super Junior. Truthfully, get excited everytime he sings. His voice is so cute. His nickname is Wookie. Cute.

6. Hangeng.
I like this guy. He's one of the four main dancer in the group and he's hot. Suprisingly, he's Chinese. So, his Korean isn't he best one. Hangeng was announced to be one of the torch bearers for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the first boy-band member to be chosen in history. I mean, isn't that soo cool??

7. Kibum.
He's soo cute. And he speaks English so fluently! So in love with this guy. He's quiet though. Doesn't appear much with the other member because he has his own career as an actor.

8. Sungmin.
Haha. Lil' Jay favourite guy. This guy is like the Korean version of Jesse McCartney. He's the poster boy of Super Junior. He's too cute to be true. Sungminnie loves pink and has most stuff with pink colour. But it's ok because he's can get away with anything with that look.

9. Eunhyuk.
He's the dancing machine. Eunhyuk is the best dancer. When he dance, he looked so cool. Especially with his latest hair. Eunhyuk rocks. And I love his friendship with Donghae. Something weird going on with those two. Eunhyuk is the most sensitive one. He got pranked 3 times. He's a bit blur.

10. Leeteuk.
Teukie!!! I love Teukie. He's soo cute with exception of his latest hairstyle. It looks gay on him. Teukie is the leader and the oldest of Super Junior. He has the cutest laugh ever. Seriously. Only Teukie can laugh like that. Everytime he sings, girls would go crazy over him. And the reason I like him is because he said "Apa khabar?" in a really cute way. Teukie won my heart since that. Leeteuk has another nickname which is Angel. Teukie is the mom in Super Junior.

11. Yesung.
Yesung-oppa~~ Yesung looked so serious but he's the craziest one. He likes to touch other guys' upper lip and hug them from the back. Which is soo cute. His face is soo cute. The way he always trying to be the cute one is funny. But that's not the reason he's on my top 3 , it's because his voice. His voice is powerful and sexy.

12. Donghae.
Fishy!! He's hot. He has that boyish look. And the attitude is definitely the crazy one. He can be serious and suddenly change into friendly in a second. He appeared in few music videos. And he's childish personality is soo cute. He loves to sleep. Like ME. But I think he's the sensitive one. He love his father though he never met him for 6 years because of his tight schedule. His father passed way in 2006 and never got the chance to see him onstage live. His father then asked Leeteuk to take care of Donghae moments before he died. Eunhae friendship is love but because he is afraid that Siwon will be mad, he created Eunshihae.

13. Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun is my favourite. Try to stop liking him for a day. Failed. He's the youngest one. His voice is the most coolest one. Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong got involved in a car accident in 2007. Kyuhyun suffered the most injuries. He was slipping in and out of consciousness, and was mute because of the shock.