Quadrangle Triangle

Status: L The Movie rocks. So sad you had to die.
Song: Happiness by Super Junior.

I've never once forgotten you, I've only thought of you. Then, how about you? Did you forgot about me?

Oh wow. My,my Nelly Yuki has definitely updated herself. Finally.

She just got her own e-mail with a certain someone help.

Mr. Scandal.

I know, I know, I know. Don't I have a name for him??

Hmm.. Let's call him, Dean. (May change it later.)

Dean and Nelly have been extra close recently.

How close you asked? Close enough to take her out to lunch.

I can actually see that Nelly Yuki is totally smitten with him. Who hasn't?? He's the Mr Nice Guy. He's the nicest guy you may ever known.

Why he deserved that title??
  1. He won't allowed Nelly Yuki drinking cold water just because she's having a cough.
  2. He's funny. Any funny guy is always a nice guy.
  3. He's nice enough to give a personal tutoring for Serena.
  4. He won't barge into your personal space. That's nice for a guy.
  5. He bought Blair something that cost 60 bucks.
Yeah.. and lots of other nice stuff that when I asked the girls, all of them would replied, "Too many to mention."