Status: Gawd. I don't stalk like you do.
Song: Again and Again by 2PM

Have you ever tried to dance to Sorry Sorry without cracking up? No. Dancing to Gee and Sorry Sorry makes me happy. They are the source of my happiness.

Super Junior is also the source of my depression. Lesson learnt. MTV is one hell of a cruel channel. Just when I decided that yesterday I won't watch JK Hits, Super Junior-M's Super Girl is on.

Lil Jay ran out of the room and jumped up and down in front of me, "Super Girl! Super Girl!"
It would have been funny if you don't know what Super Girl mean to me. I rushed into the room and there, Kyuhyun singing with the hair. THAT HAIR.

Me goes: "Kyaaaaa... Nooo... Super Girl! Why you didn't tell me it was on?!"
Lil Jay: "I just saw it!"
Me: "Why am I soo unlucky?"
Lil Jay: "MTV is cruel!"

Then my favourite part came on. I stopped arguing with Lil' Jay and danced to the song.

It goes: m-m-m-my love, my love my love.

That incident made my whole day and the next day and the day after looked soo gloomy. I'm disappointed. With MTV. With me.