Come Get Eff-ed Up

Status: Be my alchohol.
Song: Love U More by Super Junior.

Finally, the final exam has finished. So, am I happy??

In some weird way, I'm not. It's just another reminder that SPM is getting nearer. And the fact that I felt like I flunked all my science subjects. Well, that's what you get when you study last minute. Kids, do not study at last minute. Let the Pros do it.

Anyway, last Saturday, Nelly had an open house.

We were literally spend the whole night talking about Dean and some parts of Nate, Charles and Dan. Can't help it. We were oh-so-madly-in-love-with-Dean. Especially The Bitch. Err.. Blair. She was moaning and moaning how he's soo full of himself. 'That guy is a huge hole in the ass.' 'That guy is so annoying... Did you know he...'

Of course, I totally force myself to like Dean. He's the same age with Kyuhyun for Fishy sake! And he's nice. Too nice for a guy. WAAYY NICE... He got looks. Enough to make err.. Nelly giggle like a teenage girl. He's the Perfect Guy.

Oh my god. Did I just wrote a whole paragraph about Dean?!

Moving on.

One of the highlight of that day was when we were checking out Charles' MySpace page. Man.. Does he even know how to stay loyal to a girl??

"Oh Nelly, his girlfriend is soo hideous that compared to you, you totally look way hotter."

"Ohohoho.. What are you talking about?" Nelly smiled sheepishly. So modest.

"Umm.. Guys.. I think she looked okay what.." said me trying to defend the poor girl.

Blair scrolled down to his Top Friends, point the picture of his girlfriend.

"MY GOD, she's soo hideous!!" shrieked Nelly,"Look at her hair, the SKIN!!!"

"He must be really desperate to find a girlfriend."

I really hope Charles doesn't read this.