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Cerita Aku

Status: Be a Malay lah!
Song: Umm... A malay song. ... Who am I kidding.. Find A Way by Safetysuit.

Hello. Gile ar pelik tulis dalam BM. Ohoho.


ohoho. Tengah membuang mase nie. Kanak-kanak, jangan jadikan ini sebagai contoh. Hurm.. Asal ek kalau tulis dalam BM macam takde topik je nak cakap. Ogeyh, hoho, PL tau, meh cakap pasal Bushnye (Blair) perangai yang teruk tu. Adeke pegi stalk TT (Charles)? Takde kerja nk pegi stalk lelaki. Hoho, mungkin die suke TT kot. Senyap-senyap suke rupanyer.. Gede-bush tul budak nie. Cam kanak-kanak ribena.

This is stupid. I'm writing this because I am inspired by Serena's blog.


Status: Gawd. I don't stalk like you do.
Song: Again and Again by 2PM

Have you ever tried to dance to Sorry Sorry without cracking up? No. Dancing to Gee and Sorry Sorry makes me happy. They are the source of my happiness.

Super Junior is also the source of my depression. Lesson learnt. MTV is one hell of a cruel channel. Just when I decided that yesterday I won't watch JK Hits, Super Junior-M's Super Girl is on.

Lil Jay ran out of the room and jumped up and down in front of me, "Super Girl! Super Girl!"
It would have been funny if you don't know what Super Girl mean to me. I rushed into the room and there, Kyuhyun singing with the hair. THAT HAIR.

Me goes: "Kyaaaaa... Nooo... Super Girl! Why you didn't tell me it was on?!"
Lil Jay: "I just saw it!"
Me: "Why am I soo unlucky?"
Lil Jay: "MTV is cruel!"

Then my favourite part came on. I stopped arguing with Lil' Jay and danced…

Whyla Like This Sayang??

Status: sniff. Kyuhyun is already gone.
Song: HAPPY TOGETHER by Super Juni-or!

I hate Mondays. It stinks of school. School, why do I still hate you??

Kyuhyun the bookmark is still missing. I swear it was in my room last week. Where are you Kyuhyun?? And the day couldn't get any worse, Teukie didn't host this weird Korean Talk Show that only aired every Monday. Waste of my time waiting for the show. Nevertheless, my love for him will never fade as I will wait for the next episode. My angel is Teukie.

This is a pointless post. Move along.

Where's My Kyuhyun?!

Status: Shit. Just lost my Kyuhyun.
Song: Happiness by Super Junior. One of the songs where there's no Kyuhyun in it. :(

Aaaahhh.. I lost the bookmark. The Bookmark that I made with my own two hands while studying History. Or.. was it Biology?? Who cares..

The only thing I know is Kyuhyun's gone.

Anyway, My Queen Serena has her own blog. Yay me!! For totally spreading the bloggy love. Hehe.

First, Lil Jay. Then, me. Next, Blair. Finally, Serena. I wonder if Nelly would have her own blog. What am I thinking?? She couldn't even log in her email account that Dean made especially for her.

Jealous girls (Me+Serena) over here!! It's not everyday a guy would made an email account for you. Nelly is soo lucky. Wait, I shouldn't said that.

Sadly, yesterday. Our beloved Dean went back to Egypt. And Serena told me that he won't be back for another 8 years. THAT LONG?! Serena even gave him a farewell gift which is so …

Come Get Eff-ed Up

Status: Be my alchohol.
Song: Love U More by Super Junior.

Finally, the final exam has finished. So, am I happy??

In some weird way, I'm not. It's just another reminder that SPM is getting nearer. And the fact that I felt like I flunked all my science subjects. Well, that's what you get when you study last minute. Kids, do not study at last minute. Let the Pros do it.

Anyway, last Saturday, Nelly had an open house.

We were literally spend the whole night talking about Dean and some parts of Nate, Charles and Dan. Can't help it. We were oh-so-madly-in-love-with-Dean. Especially The Bitch. Err.. Blair. She was moaning and moaning how he's soo full of himself. 'That guy is a huge hole in the ass.' 'That guy is so annoying... Did you know he...'

Of course, I totally force myself to like Dean. He's the same age with Kyuhyun for Fishy sake! And he's nice. Too nice for a guy. WAAYY NICE... He got looks. E…

Momusu Much?

blair: Woi, ko dh tgk vid bru aku blum? feature=player_embedded

10 minutes later...

fishy and kyu: Dah tgk.

blair:oh. ohohohohoho.. so?

fishy and kyu:aku tgk first 10 saat.. dh bosan. xda laki.

blair: -.-

Tch. As if I wanna watch anything without at least one hot guy with it.


fishy and kyu : so.. ape topik nk bual hah?
blair: boyfriend ko sehat?
blair: bole aku ngorat?
fishy and kyu : ape?! aku ade boyfren?
blair : ade
fishy and kyu : sape?
blair: SP
fishy and kyu :knk2 gile
blair: oh trime kasih. Saye sungguh menghargai pujian anda. Saya berasa sangat bangga
fishy and kyu: sengal la ko ni
blair: hati saya sudah dicuri oleh awak wahai sayangku
fishy and kyu : ew.. les
fishy and kyu : sori, aku minat laki je
blair : gay?!
fishy and kyu: hey! aku bkan laki la
blair : da tuh? pondan? mak nyah?
fishy and kyu: aku pompuan la
blair: x,aku rase ko laki sbb paklah laki bkn pompuan..
fishy and kyu (18/10/2009 16:31:…

Fishy and Teukie Feeding A Cat

Oh man, this is way too funny to not post. It's not everyday we get to see the Fish feeding a cat. Oh my, Teukie is being mean to the cat.

Quadrangle Triangle

Status: L The Movie rocks. So sad you had to die.
Song: Happiness by Super Junior.

I've never once forgotten you, I've only thought of you. Then, how about you? Did you forgot about me?

Oh wow. My,my Nelly Yuki has definitely updated herself. Finally.

She just got her own e-mail with a certain someone help.

Mr. Scandal.

I know, I know, I know. Don't I have a name for him??

Hmm.. Let's call him, Dean. (May change it later.)

Dean and Nelly have been extra close recently.

How close you asked? Close enough to take her out to lunch.

I can actually see that Nelly Yuki is totally smitten with him. Who hasn't?? He's the Mr Nice Guy. He's the nicest guy you may ever known.

Why he deserved that title??
He won't allowed Nelly Yuki drinking cold water just because she's having a cough.He's funny. Any funny guy is always a nice guy.He's nice enough to give a personal tutoring for Serena.
He won't barge into …

Why Won't You Let Me Go??

Status: Don't stop make it pop.
Song: Tik Tok by Kesha.

Oh my god. I can't believe this is happening. A guy have been bugging on my mind for ahwhile now.

As much as I want to say it's Kyuhyun. It's not. It's actually a real guy.

I called him The Scandal.
We called him Inspector Gadget.
No, it's just a teeny weeny tiny crush.
I don't like him.
Because he is Serena's scandal since like forever.
And Nelly Yuki totally has a thing for him.
He pokes me. Ah-noying.

It's a tragic love.. err.. I mean scandal story.
A quadrangle scandal.
It's not surprising if Blair wants him too.

Hope he doesn't read this.

Super Junior Is Love

Status: Dancing to sorry sorry.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by SuJu.

Super Junior rocks. Officially. I love them. All 13 of them. Each of them has their own thing going on. So I'm going to write about each of them, starting from the least guy I like.

1. Shindong.
I think he's the last one I started to like. He's a funny dude. A bit fat, but that never stop him from being the main dancer in the group. I admire this guy. And his name. Hahaha.. ShinDong.

2. Kangin.
Honestly, I'm not a fan of him. He's the tough guy, likes to beat the crap out of his members. He's like the dad of Super Junior. And with the scandal he's been through, I felt bad for this guy.

3. Heechul.
This guy.. Is like the most weirdest guy I've ever met. He's soo full of himself, change his hairstyle like almost every week, pranking other members and it's not surprising he kissed other members. He doesn't even dance when all other mem…

The Sacrifce I Did

Status: Guess what??
Song: Look below and you'll see the answer.

After going through more than 5 music stores, I have found what I've been looking for. Super Junior 3rd Album. It feels like a dream come true. This is my first album I bought in ... well since the Britney Spears Greatest Hits album.