Wardrobe Malfunction

This year, my raya's baju kurung is definitely the coolest. Picked the fabric two months before raya, and got approved by my uber cool aunt. It's a bit black but mostly red. Totally going for a bit gothic this year. Tried it out a month before Raya. It's a handmade baju kurung unlike the year before and before.

On the exact day, after finishing up my ketupat and rendang, I sat down beside Charles because it's the only available seat. As I was checking my messages on my phone, one of the guys, (That never mentioned in this blog) Carter cleared his throat.

"You guys looked great. Same colour. Nice."

'What??' I looked beside, and to my horror, Charles is wearing the same colour my baju kurung is.

Carter snickered. I shot him a glare. Since when did he became soo annoying??

There was definitely some awkward silence between us. I feel like saying awkward but I don't really want to get insulted by Charles. The day hasn't even started yet.

Later on the day, Serena (or was it Nelly) suddenly jumped on me out of nowhere. She pushed me aside so she can sit beside me.

"So..Tell me, what's with the same colour oufits??" smiled Serena (Or Nelly)"Getting married is it??"

"As if," I replied,"Mine is more darker, his is redder."

Then, one of my little cousins aged about 10 or 11 smiled at me knowingly.

"Woo.. pakai baju warna same.. Hehe," said the kid while the others chuckled.

"Like I said before, mine is darker than his," I groaned, tired of defending my baju kurung and getting hungry by the minute.

"You guys colourblind is it?" Charles spoke at last.

And I thought he's mute this year. I got out of the seat and left them to find more food.


Anonymous said…
wooo..pakai baju kurung warne same..haha jking..umm btw,sape carter?? and sape kid?? haziq?