There's Some Tension Between You Guys

Status: My god, do you have to be that hot?
Song: It's You by Super Junior

It's official. I'm in lurve with the Korean band, Super Junior. The looks, the voice and the songs is amazing. Although, I don't understand a word they were saying.

Well, except 'saranghae yo'. Which means I love you in Korean. Ehh, don't everyone know that?

Like Je t'aime in French means I love you.
Aishiteru in Japanese.
Wo ai ni in Chinese.
Ich Liebe Dich in German.
Ti amo in Italian.
Err... Gue cintakan kamu. In Indonesia.

Whatever. All I know is they are hot, especially Kyuhyun. His voice is like whoa, it's indescribable.


Back to the Raya stuff. One of the most memorable moment this year is definitely the tension between Charles and Nelly Yuki.

You know life would be boring without one of them. It's either you laughed at them or they laughed at you.

Thank god. This year they weren't laughing at me but we're laughing at them. It was a peaceful yet boring day. Second day of Raya have never been this boring. But that was about to change when I heard some sort screaming-slash-shouting.

Then, I saw Nelly ran straight to a room near me. Serena quickly followed behind her. Typical. They were extra closer this year.

Nevertheless, I followed them. The first thing I asked was, "What happened??"

Serena was laughing and Nelly was scolding her for laughing.

Then, Charles walked in the room. He was smirking,"Did you guys know what she just did?"

Then he explained that Nelly just barged in without knocking and saw him changing his pants.

Oh. Wow. That explain why she's so red.

Me and Serena burst out laughing while Nelly protested that she did knocked.

"Thank god, you didn't see anything." said Charles smirking, "Did you?"

"Of course not. I rather die than see you naked!" Nelly stormed out of the room. We quickly followed her.

Not sure how but both of their mothers found out and Charles mom was grinning, "You both need to get marry since you'd seen my son naked."

The look on Nelly's face was priceless. I just couldn't stop laughing. I definitely do not want to be her.

Of course, Serena had to add more fuel to that. She said, "You guys are man and wife. So relax, will you??"

"Shut up, S"

"Like I would want to marry girl like her."

"You. Who ask you to say anything?!"

They were arguing for like an hour along the hallway. Serena and me were just spectators. This was definitely better than the 'Let's shower together' moment (That was Serena and Nate).

I is nekkid for you.