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Fishy loves Kyu

Ahhh.. This picture made my day. Fishy and Kyuhyunnie is love.

Kyu Said Leave That Jerks

Status: I chose you without regrets, Kyu. That's right. It's You!
Song: Super Girl (Korean Version) by Super Junior-M

As I halfheartedly wrote this post, I've realized that I'm still in my post-raya mode. Which means I don't think I could write anything about Raya. It's too depressing and Super Junior's Let's Not is on right now. Feeling really sad right now because of the song. Kyuhyun's voice totally touched me. :(

When I'm happy, I would:
Dance. No, seriously.
Laugh at everything.
Trying to annoy everyone near me. Like jumping on them, pushing them, tease them and ect.
When I'm sad, I would:
Sit in a corner.
Listen to music. Sad music.
Staring off to space. I'm in another world. Where happiness is soo far far away.
When I'm angry, I would:
Critizise at everything.Kick some stuff.
Angry music. Yeah!When I'm in love, I would:
Sigh happily every time I think about him.Scribble his name …

Wardrobe Malfunction

This year, my raya's baju kurung is definitely the coolest. Picked the fabric two months before raya, and got approved by my uber cool aunt. It's a bit black but mostly red. Totally going for a bit gothic this year. Tried it out a month before Raya. It's a handmade baju kurung unlike the year before and before.

On the exact day, after finishing up my ketupat and rendang, I sat down beside Charles because it's the only available seat. As I was checking my messages on my phone, one of the guys, (That never mentioned in this blog) Carter cleared his throat.

"You guys looked great. Same colour. Nice."

'What??' I looked beside, and to my horror, Charles is wearing the same colour my baju kurung is.

Carter snickered. I shot him a glare. Since when did he became soo annoying??

There was definitely some awkward silence between us. I feel like saying awkward but I don't really want to get insulted by Charles. The day hasn't even started yet.

Later on the day…

Why I Like You

Status: Your gentle smile, your sexy eyes.....
Song: Why I Like You by Super Junior

Last Saturday was definitely something. I just saw a guy that look like Dan. I was just browsing through this cool pet shop. While I was looking through this aquarium, suddenly this Dan lookalike appeared out of nowhere on the other side of the aquarium.

I know that look, his hair looked the same, his smile is soo similar to Dan. It must be him.

He must have noticed my shocked expression because then he smiled at me. I frowned at that and turned away hoping it's just my imagination.

So, the whole time I was in the pet shop, I was searching for him. But he was nowhere to be found. Was I hallucinating or he's really there???

On a different side of note, I'm totally in love with this 4 guys from Super Junior, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Yesung. But, the most outstanding guy out of the four is Kyuhyun. He's soo hot. He's like the young…

There's Some Tension Between You Guys

Status: My god, do you have to be that hot?
Song: It's You by Super Junior

It's official. I'm in lurve with the Korean band, Super Junior. The looks, the voice and the songs is amazing. Although, I don't understand a word they were saying.

Well, except 'saranghae yo'. Which means I love you in Korean. Ehh, don't everyone know that?

Like Je t'aime in French means I love you.
Aishiteru in Japanese.
Wo ai ni in Chinese.
Ich Liebe Dich in German.
Ti amo in Italian.
Err... Gue cintakan kamu. In Indonesia.

Whatever. All I know is they are hot, especially Kyuhyun. His voice is like whoa, it's indescribable.


Back to the Raya stuff. One of the most memorable moment this year is definitely the tension between Charles and Nelly Yuki.

You know life would be boring without one of them. It's either you laughed at them or they laughed at you.

Thank god. This year the…

He Dumped You Because You're A Satan

Status: Tired of running through the shopping mall in Malacca.
Song: Why I Like You by Super Junior.

The raya was ok. It wasn't the worst nor the best.

Blair is being Lady Gaga crazy. Nelly Yuki is still the same spaz girl I know. Queen S is being extra Queen-y because her long time crush is there.

So, yeah. Amusing stuff happened. Which I'm not going to write right now.

While I'm writing this, this Asian Drama called Why Why Love is on. I don't know why, but this show sucks. I hate it. Even though there's Nate made in Taiwan in it. And he don't even get the girl. He should have let the hero, Mike He die. How dare he stole the girl from my Nate?! And the girl is such a bitch. Why am I still watching this??

Be Happy

Status: I don't want to balik kampung...
Song: It's You by Super Junior. Oh-oh-oh Only for you

Oh Great. Now we're stuck with this Raya song.

Why am I not in the mood for Raya?? Does this mean I hate Raya already?

This could not happen.

On a different side of note, I totally love love love Super Junior. And I can't choose between three of the members. Eunhyuk or Kyuhyun or Yesung??

Anyway, while I'm deciding who is the cutest, you guys should listen to It's You. The song is approved by me.

Oh, oh Only For You

Status: Double My God. Blair has her phone back.
Song: It's You by Super Junior. Yes, I'm addicted to them.

And you thought magic was an illusion. How in the world did Blair get her phone back? I thought she lost the phone for good.

Lots of stuff happened this week. Some of them are like moments that got ripped off from one of those dramatic tv show. I mean, seriously.

I feel like talking about it. But then again, it's a very private stuff I'm dealing right now. Like really private. Well, that's what I would like to think it is.


Status: You may kill me, Queen.
Song: Welcome To The World by Kevin Rudolf.
Did I told you that I lurve lurve Kevin Rudolf??

Oh, you. Don't you know emo-ing is not going to take you anywhere.

Smile for me, love. I'll make sure you won't regret it.

Take those cancer stick out of your mouth. And smile for me.

Stop with the games you're playing, and look at me.

You won't regret it.

Smile. =D

Love Today

Status: Love, love me.
Song: Waiting For You by F4

Okay, so, I have reread the earlier post. It stinks of emoness. Seriously, utterly emo. I may have had a bad day.

Do ignore that post.

Yay, 14 days before Raya starts. I can't wait. Never mind the fact that my final exam is a week after the Raya holiday. Raya is all about being renewing me and food! The only time where I can eat as many as I want.

It's one of the few times where I actually feel like I belong somewhere. And I have to enjoy it every minute of it because this is may be one the last Raya I'll celebrate with the girls.

I mean, my high school years is ending. That means I may be studying outside of this country. Or not. But, hopefully I will.

I know us girls, Serena, Blair, Jenny, Nelly Yuki, Aria and me will not last long. Maybe, we won't meet each other for a long time. And we will have our own lives to live.

I'm already sensing that with Aria. We're drifting apart.…

Waiting For You

Status: Sick of this lie I'm living on.
Song: Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior

Am I some sort of a star in my class? Because it seems like everything I do or said have become the talk of the day.

I'm a nice girl. Well, at least that's what I've been trying to be for the last 9 years. My good girl image always let more people trust me. It's like a credit card.

But, things have been getting damn hard to maintain the good girl image. People get more curious and interested in me. No one had ever been interested in me in my primary school. They just ignored me which is fine by me.

Now, they annoyed me. The fact that they think I'm incapable of being angry is unbelievable. They have messed the wrong person. I'm a human. I have limits when it comes to being patience.

I don't really know what's the problem with the guys in my class. They like to tease me, make some awful shit about me, throw stuff at me and even make so…

You Said What?!

Status: Ehmagawd.
Song: Shove It by Santogold


"I'm moving to PJ next year." said Aria as she smiled.

Fake smile. For that is.

I stared at her. Trying hard not to blink.

"So, you're going to be another Sri Amanians?"

Lil' Jay glared at me.

Darn. There goes another. Yay! Everyone's going to Sri Aman! We should celebrate this!

Except me. I'm the only one who's not continuing the legacy of going to Sri Aman.

Which sucks, sometimes. I mean, a whole day without seeing boys (Ah-noying boys that is.) sounds really good to me.

Truthfully, my dreams of going to Sri Aman stills lives in me. The school is like the only school I've had my eyes on since I was 11.

Lately, my mom and my aunts have been pressuring me and asking why I'm still in Sri Permata.

What should I answer? I mean, I wonder myself too. Why again am I in Sri Permata?

'Uhh... Because it's too late? You should have asked m…

We Go Hard

Status: Shove your hope where it don't shine.
Song: Shove It by Santogold.

This picture made my day. Look, Vic is standing beside Nate made in Taiwan! Yay! Vic is sure tall.