You're My Wonderwall

Status: Punk Goes Pop?? Punk Goes 90's?? Oo-err...
Song: Wonderwall (Oasis) cover by Cartel. (Punk Goes 90's)
"She gives herself so selflessly to the people she cares for and she's just begging for that back."

To Lawliet, Akira, Vic, Jensen, Misha, Ed, Chace, Hikaru and Kaoru,Eric (Szmanda), James (Lafferty), Kaka', Matt (Ishida).

I don't know how to say this but there were times where I don't believe in myself and there were you guys. Each of you have affected my life in some ways.

L Lawliet, you showed me that life is short, enjoy while you can.

Akira Sendoh, you told me to stand up and just smile even though life's a bitch.

Jensen Ackles, you give me something to live for.

Misha Collins, you're my guardian angel.

Ed Westwick, you told me to not to give a damn about anything.

Chace Crawford, you told me that it's okay to be confused.

Hikaru and Kaoru, you told me not to trust anyone except myself. How true is that?

Eric Szmanda, you're the only reason why I'm still in school.

Vic Zhou, you asked me to move on when all I want is to live in the past.

James Lafferty, you pushed away all those bad memories with your blue eyes.

Kaka', you are the reason why I still care about sports.

Matt Ishida, you are my
beginning of life.

Because maybe,
You're gonna be the one that saves me,
And after all,
You're my wonderwall.