This Is Disappointing.

Status: I'm disappointed in myself.
Song: Hey Girl by Dashboard Confessional
This is disappointing. I just missed once in a lifetime chance to meet Vic. He was in Malaysia a week ago to promote his hit drama, Black and White. I didn't even know that.

Today, as I was browsing the Taiwanese drama series, I saw Black and White with him on it. It was the happiest moment of the year. Never have I felt this lucky.

I grabbed the second box of the series because I have watched the first 12 episodes. When I reached the cashier, a realization hit me. 'No way, I'm this lucky.'

"Is there any subtitle in it?"

"Sorry, no subtitles." said the cashier casting me an apologetic glance.

I was like noooooooo... That was the time where I really wished I could understand the language. So, here am I back to the old emo me.

I pushed the dvd to the salesperson and smiled sadly at it. Goodbye, Vic Zhou.

I wish to see you again. I'll wait for it.