Lord Vader

Status: I can't believe 'Naive' music video is on MTV.. Noo.. my favourite song..
Song: Naive by The Kooks.

I'm crazy and evil. Yes, I can be when I want to. They don't call me Lord Vader for nothing.

I remember the time when I pushed Jenny, Serena and Blair into the thorny bushes because I was bored.

And the time I pour milo all over Serena because she was annoying and she dared me to do it. Why pour water when you can pour milo?

I hid Serena's phone because she was annoying. Err.. no offense S. It's just me, being me. The PL.

I remember stabbing someone with my pen because they were annoying.

I remember carrying a bag of red water and told everyone, "I have a bag of blood!!"

I remember showing my middle finger to one of those boys because I felt like doing something crazy.

I remember faking a fever because I was damn bored at this lame camp.

I made the politics name-calling because I want to be Pak Lah. Yes, that doesn't make sense.

Aria, Jenny and me waved at everyone along the journey to Singapore. Just because we want to show how friendly us Malaysian is. Government should pay us for promoting it.

My cat ate my hamster, Felix because I show it to my cat so that they could get familiar with each other.

I named my two hamster, Felix and Mawi. But, Felix killed Mawi. I'm sure it's all because of the real Mawi won the Akedemi Fantasia.

Yes, the above sentence have nothing to do with this post but whatever.