The First Thought

Status: Starving myself to death for a reason.
Song: Near To You by A Fine Frenzy

What was your first thought....

1. When you see a picture of the Twilight cast?
Heh. Dead people.

2. The last time you achieved something good? What was it?
Ugh, mum, stop hugging me. COD, death by humiliation. (PMR08 results)

3. The last time you got lost? Where?
Shit. I'm sure this is the right floor. (Some hotel in Kuantan)

4. The last time someone ignored you?
Weird. I was just about to ignore you.

5. The last time you heard a song you hate? Name of song?
Bleh. Vanessa Hudgens sucks! (Some Vanessa H.'s song that's too horrible to remember.)

6. The last time you saw someone you like? Who? :)
Is that Nate made in Taiwan?! NATE!!! (Kingone Wang)

7. The last time you ride a thrill rides?
Where's the frickin' seat belts?! Ahh.. I'm going to die. Wait.. There it is..