Status: I am amused.
Song: Coffee and Donuts by Kevin Rudolf. I love Kevin Rudolf!
I'm awesome. You're awesome. We both awesome.

You must have thought I have stopped posting on blog judging by the earlier post. No, that would hurt my pride.

What do you mean I don't have pride? I do have my prideniosity.

Why am I here again?

Oh. Right. I'm posting here to tell you that I love Dair. Dan and Blair need to get together like now. I mean, Chair (Chuck/Blair) is an epic couple. They are like the epitome of love. Teehee.. epitome. Fanks for the word Lil' J!

However, Dan and Blair have that chemistry going on. Yes, Dan is a judgmental asshole. But Chuck Bass is the Basshole. You can't beat the king of all asshole, Basshole.

What about Nate? The knight in shining armour? He's the class-whore. He slept with every girl in the show. You don't want Blair to get the Archiburn. Sorry, Nate. I used to support Nair but Dair is soo hot.

So, in conjunction of this 'Dair' love, I am in the making of a new video with my favourite song of all-time, Naive by The Kooks!

Tell me are you a Dairdevil?