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Think Of Him

Think of a guy that you know. Then answer this.

1. Do you like him?
Yes. Sometimes.

2. How do you know him?

3. How old is he?
16 obviously.

4. What do you like about him?
His swagger. Love. Love. Love. The way he walks.

5. What do you hate about him?
He's like the male version of Blair.

6. If he asks you out, would you say yes?
Hmm.. depends.

7. Why?
Because I love his swagger.


Yeah. Total random.

I Have A Thing For Guys Who Wore Striped Shirt

Status: In love with a dead man.
Song: Shove It Switch By Santogold

And you thought lurving L was hard, wait until you see this. Not sure how, but I found out that every hot guy in Death Note have to die. Like the guy above, Matt died with hundreds of bullets went through him. And I thought the way L died was horrifying (L died of heart attacks, thanks to that little black book)

And come to think of it, Matt definitely looked way hotter than L.

I love his name, Mail Jeevas. He was born on February 1st 1990. He smokes and loves playing games. Like L with his weird habits of eating sweets. Err.. anyway, Matt lived only like a few minutes in anime. So, when he died, I was like 'WHAT THE BUCK?!' Can't they let a guy like him lives? I think the reason I like him is because he's looked so dangerous. Look at the way he smokes. And Totally love what he's wearing. Like I told you before, I have a thing for guys who wore long sl…

Slow Down, You Crazy Child.

Status: Just have a way knowing everything is going to be ok!
Song: Vienna by Billy Joel

OMG! Look, B's new hairstyle! Tres lurve it!

Now, I'm actually missing my old spunky short hair. Maybe, I should change my hairstyle. Should I??

So, Blair has some scoop about our old friend Dan. He's with 3 girls. Not so lonely anymore,eh??

Chuck the guy who rhymes with suck, just got his motorcycle license. Lame, much?

hugs and disses,

SP or Akira Header



I made this by myself. *feeling proud of myself* Since I suck at Photoshop, I done this in my video editing software, Sony Vegas. I just do lot of overlaying, masking, fixing the colour and make it a bit brighter.

Done it in like 2 minutes. I'm pro in this kind of stuff.

Jenny took the Salt and Pepper (SP!!!) picture at Italianese (Spell check!!) in SP (Sunway Pyramid). Ass Pee!!!

So, credits to Lil' Jay for the picture you taken.

The First Thought

Status: Starving myself to death for a reason.
Song: Near To You by A Fine Frenzy

What was your first thought....

1. When you see a picture of the Twilight cast?
Heh. Dead people.

2. The last time you achieved something good? What was it?
Ugh, mum, stop hugging me. COD, death by humiliation. (PMR08 results)

3. The last time you got lost? Where?
Shit. I'm sure this is the right floor. (Some hotel in Kuantan)

4. The last time someone ignored you?
Weird. I was just about to ignore you.

5. The last time you heard a song you hate? Name of song?
Bleh. Vanessa Hudgens sucks! (Some Vanessa H.'s song that's too horrible to remember.)

6. The last time you saw someone you like? Who? :)
Is that Nate made in Taiwan?! NATE!!! (Kingone Wang)

7. The last time you ride a thrill rides?
Where's the frickin' seat belts?! Ahh.. I'm going to die. Wait.. There it is..

MS not.

Status: Resting In Peace
Song: Near To You by A Fine Frenzy

I'm bored. So, I've decided to put up some MySpace comment on the blog. Because I can.

Me: Wei.. wanna babi.. Ko tak tulis pun PL kat who I like to meet... Trhina dlm kesenyapan...Ingat L, Ingat Pak Lah! Mwah!

Blair:Eleh..x de maknenye. xD hehe jgn terase PL sayang..Bush akan sentiase mengingati PL :D

Me: Ewie.. Ko panggil aku sayang.. les giler!! Tapi xpe.. PL sentiasa menerima seseorang walaupun perangai pelik.. Ingat L, Ingatla PL!! Haha lol

Blair: Ade aku ckp aku syg kau ke?? Bush x kan penah mnyayangi PL ok.. Jdi jgn berangan

Me: AdeLAA.. Ko yg tulis.. Lupe lak... poyo r bush nie.. Niela akibatnyer bgi brsare..

Blair: Hah! Memang ptt pon u tu bersare ok?? Dah tua..Not like Bush.. Haha still young, lawlit! sendoh!! dean!! ahahaah!

Me: EW! Pleasela.. Bush x sehot dioarang pon! Eja lawliet pun salah!

Blair: It&#…

Because I'm Bad, You Know IT

30 seconds of preview for my next video.

Yes, the quality sucks. The effects is yawn. Clips are bleh. But, that's why it's preview.

I'm Wishing

Status: The most annoying birthday I've ever had. Good Riddance.
Song: Lawliet by Me. (Kelsey by Metro Station)

I'm going to dedicate this song to my lurve, Lawliet.
Well I'll sure let you in
You know I'll let you in
Oh Lawliet, you.

So don't let anyone scare you
You know that I'll protect you
now through the thick and thin
Until the end
You better watch it
You know you don't cross it because
I'm always here for you
and I'll be here for you

"Happy Birthday!!"

That's probably the sentence I don't want to hear ever again. I was hoping no one noticed my birthday today. I was planning to mourn on my birthday, for the death of L. Poor L.

Anyway, I think the nicest thing about today was when my chinese friends wished me, happy birthday. It was really nice of them. Girls, you guys rocks my socks!

The worst thing that happened to me was when the whole class sang me the birthday song.…

This Is Disappointing.

Status: I'm disappointed in myself.
Song: Hey Girl by Dashboard Confessional
This is disappointing. I just missed once in a lifetime chance to meet Vic. He was in Malaysia a week ago to promote his hit drama, Black and White. I didn't even know that.

Today, as I was browsing the Taiwanese drama series, I saw Black and White with him on it. It was the happiest moment of the year. Never have I felt this lucky.

I grabbed the second box of the series because I have watched the first 12 episodes. When I reached the cashier, a realization hit me. 'No way, I'm this lucky.'

"Is there any subtitle in it?"

"Sorry, no subtitles." said the cashier casting me an apologetic glance.

I was like noooooooo... That was the time where I really wished I could understand the language. So, here am I back to the old emo me.

I pushed the dvd to the salesperson and smiled sadly at it. Goodbye, Vic Zhou.

I wish to see you again. I'll wa…

Vic Was In Malaysia?!

How come I never know this??

I Wanna Know You

Status: Just saw a hot guy.
Song: Fer Sure by The Medic Droid. - With lots of F word-

Fer sure maybe, fer sure not, fer sure eh, fer sure bomb.

Ehmagawd. Just saw this hot english guy at this restaurant. He wore this white polo shirt which is totally approved by me. Reminds me of Akira.

He has nice hair (something like Zac Efron-ny hair but blond and longer!) and I love his nose!

Oo-eer.. Stalker much??

We're not falling in love, we're just falling apart.

No Headbands In College

Again. I was stopped from being emo. With this promo!

OMG, Dair scene!! Why Dan suddenly looked so hot and cool?? And why Blair looked soo err.. innocent??

DAIR love!!

My NEW video!! With my favorite song of all-time, Naive by The Kooks

Ed is James Dean!

Status: Ed Westwick, you can be my villain anytime.
Song: Coffee and Donuts by Kevin Rudolf

Just as I was about to go emo all over again, I found this picture today! So effin' cool! He won the the best tv villain. Yeah! Although, I wouldn't call him villain. He's just a bad boy. Vair bad for that is.

In other news, I saw this. Chace and Leighton! I don't know what they won but they looked great.

Besides that, look what I've discovered?? A new promo for Gossip Girl new season!! LOL on the,

"What if I have a girlfriend?" Chuck asked in his Chuck Bass-y voice that only he can do and did he just pout?!

"Chuck Bass doesn't do girlfriends," the girl said.

Hahaha, classic Chuck Bass moment.

Other than that, Sebastian (Leighton real life boyfriend) aka Carter looked damn hot without the shirt.

Chace (Where's that manly bangs of yours?!) aka Nate is being man-whore. Again.

But, look at Penn (Dan) new sexy hair…

You Belong With Me

I love Taylor Swift. She's a great songwriter. There's always a story in her songs. So, this is my point of view on this song.

You're on the phone with your girlfriend,
She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesn't get your humor like I do

So, me imagining myself looking at this guy, (Akira!) who is on the phone with his so-called girlfriend, err Blair. They were having some arguments about Akira lacked of attention to her which is typical of him to do that. He couldn't remember her name, for god sake! He kept trying to explain to her but she was having none of it.

I sighed. 'What a troublesome.. Can't they see I'm busy doing something here?!'

Akira glanced at me apologetically like he sensed that I was annoyed by it. "I'm sorry, B. But I'm busy right now."

"Don't you dare hang up on me, Aki-" Akira ended the call without caring about her.

" So, what are you doing?" Akira smiled as if …

The Diary Of ...

Dear Page 1,Exam was hard. But of course I didn’t suck. I'm 100% sure I won't fail.
School sucks. Boys suck. Teachers suck. Day sucks. Weather sucks. My chair sucks. My bag sucks. Facebook sucks. Myspace sucks. Friendster sucks. The food sucks. Everything sucks. Everybody sucks. Except him. He rocks. And me too, I rock. Together we rock.He looks so sexy, too hot and too cool all the same. He smiled at me. I just looked back. He winked at me when he passed by; again I just looked back. Because I was just too cool to smile back, perhaps??
But, he’s still cool. So am I, I’m cool. Together we look soo cool. Love??????
Err.. yeah.. total randomness..

Lord Vader

Status: I can't believe 'Naive' music video is on MTV.. Noo.. my favourite song..
Song: Naive by The Kooks.

I'm crazy and evil. Yes, I can be when I want to. They don't call me Lord Vader for nothing.

I remember the time when I pushed Jenny, Serena and Blair into the thorny bushes because I was bored.

And the time I pour milo all over Serena because she was annoying and she dared me to do it. Why pour water when you can pour milo?

I hid Serena's phone because she was annoying. Err.. no offense S. It's just me, being me. The PL.

I remember stabbing someone with my pen because they were annoying.

I remember carrying a bag of red water and told everyone, "I have a bag of blood!!"

I remember showing my middle finger to one of those boys because I felt like doing something crazy.

I remember faking a fever because I was damn bored at this lame camp.

I made the politics name-calling because I want to b…

We Got A Little World Of Our Own

Status: OMFG. Did I just do that?
Song: World Of Our Own by Westlife. I miss Westlife! ~What am I doing without you?~

To, Queen S, happy birthday! You're the Queen!

Bwahahaha... Blair just lost her phone. I should be sad but you'd know how ah-nnoying she can be when she bought the phone I wanted since last year. She didn't even have a number.


Westlife, it's been years since I've heard your songs. You have always been one my favourite band of all-time. I remember, when I was a kid, Todd, Jenny and me used to sing all their songs. We have their karaoke cd too. It was really funny, come to think of it. That was one of those sweet moments that sometimes you wish you could re-live it all again.

And I remember, my favourite song of Westlife is World Of Our Own. It was the best song.

We got a little world of our own,
I'll tell you things that no one else knows,
I let …

What The Fudge?!

Status: Movies, here I come!
Song: Coffee and Donuts by Kevin Rudolf. I love you!

WTF?! What is she doing with my man-bangs? And Penn Badgley?! Man-bangs is mine!! Go away, Hilary Duff! You can't have them both! Dan and Nate are too hot for you.

WTF?! Adam Brody and Jessica Szhor?! What happened to Ed Westwick?! Seriously?! What is wrong with the world?!


Status: I am amused.
Song: Coffee and Donuts by Kevin Rudolf. I love Kevin Rudolf!
I'm awesome. You're awesome. We both awesome.

You must have thought I have stopped posting on blog judging by the earlier post. No, that would hurt my pride.

What do you mean I don't have pride? I do have my prideniosity.

Why am I here again?

Oh. Right. I'm posting here to tell you that I love Dair. Dan and Blair need to get together like now. I mean, Chair (Chuck/Blair) is an epic couple. They are like the epitome of love. Teehee.. epitome. Fanks for the word Lil' J!

However, Dan and Blair have that chemistry going on. Yes, Dan is a judgmental asshole. But Chuck Bass is the Basshole. You can't beat the king of all asshole, Basshole.

What about Nate? The knight in shining armour? He's the class-whore. He slept with every girl in the show. You don't want Blair to get the Archiburn. Sorry, Nate. I used to support Nair but Dair i…

You're My Wonderwall

Status: Punk Goes Pop?? Punk Goes 90's?? Oo-err...
Song: Wonderwall (Oasis) cover by Cartel. (Punk Goes 90's)
"She gives herself so selflessly to the people she cares for and she's just begging for that back."

To Lawliet, Akira, Vic, Jensen, Misha, Ed, Chace, Hikaru and Kaoru,Eric (Szmanda), James (Lafferty), Kaka', Matt (Ishida).

I don't know how to say this but there were times where I don't believe in myself and there were you guys. Each of you have affected my life in some ways.

L Lawliet, you showed me that life is short, enjoy while you can.

Akira Sendoh, you told me to stand up and just smile even though life's a bitch.

Jensen Ackles, you give me something to live for.

Misha Collins, you're my guardian angel.

Ed Westwick, you told me to not to give a damn about anything.

Chace Crawford, you told me that it's okay to be confused.

Hikaru and Kaoru, you told me not to trust anyone except m…