You're Soo Hot

Status: Just watched 17 Again. Zac seemed bearable without Vanessa Hudgens.
Song: Hot Girls In Good Mood by Butch Walker

It's not fun anymore when you heard people assumed you like someone. It's not fun when they made up some sick story between you and the other person. No sir, I hate it.

The only I could do is to deny it, shrug it off or just laugh it off. You can't really do anything. Since I'm such an expert in this kind of situation, I should give you guys a bit of advice.

  1. Don't think about it that much. If you did, then it will get to your head. Then, you also started to have some sort of feeling for the other person. Not that it ever happened to me.
  2. You're not in this alone. There's the other person. And you could drag someone else in this mess also. Make it looked like 2 guys are competing each other for you.
  3. Always take it as a joke. Never take it seriously even though someone told you that person actually likes you.
  4. Just keep a smile on. SMILE. That's what Akira would do..
But my secret weapon is my four ultra hot guys. I just take a deep breathe and think about them. How they looked so much hotter than anyone in this world.

I love Vic Zhou!!! You always make me smile.