Serena and us

I know she doesn't like me blogging about her. But, come on where's the fun in that??

Serena is the most mature among all of us. She doesn't really hang with us. She's always busy texting someone. That's S all right. She can be crazy too. Like the time she called me 'kucing jahat'. Yeah, I'm not proud of that. I just like stealing everyone's blanket and sleeping bags. That's all. Oh, she called herself, 'sesungut'. I don't really know what the hell is that. I do know I called Blair, 'anjing kurap'. Heh.

I'm not the closest to her. She's close with Nelly. She can be sensitive at times. There's a few rules with S,
  1. You have to ask her permission if you wanna look at her phone.
  2. No reading messages unless she gives permission.
Err, something like that. I know she can be very 'Blair' when someone ticks her off. Like the time Nate and Dan, mostly Nate hacked into her phone. She's pissed off about that. Until it leads to Dan angry at her. Dan is very secretive guy and isn't really his fault. It's Nate's fault.

Another one was the time when I dared her to throw my phone on the ground. And she did. This incident leads to me poured the milo all over her because she dared me. My favourite moment of her.

Serena is in fact a really great friend when you're down. However, can be pain in the ass if you pissed her off. Don't mess with S.