My Love Story?!

Status: You are officially dead to me.
Song: Angel In Disguise by Cinema Bizarre

ME:Su..suka…(dengan nada yang perlahan)
NATE:Aku pun..

- From Blair's Blog, 'Cinta Kosa Kata'-

WTF?! Why me, again?? This is embarrassing. Last time, I was the villain. Now, I'm the heroine. Tch. This isn't the worst part she wrote. The worst part is this:

ERIC: Aduh!! Sakit sial!! Kau ni memang bukan perempuan la!!
ME: Sape suruh kau cakap benda merepek-repek, kau tau kan aku tak suka kau cakap bende pelik-pelik (Ooo-eer) macam tu. Dah la.. Aku nak balik,nanti mak aku marah.
ERIC: Pergi balik la !!! Aduh!! Sakit pinggang aku!”
ME: Haha!! Padan muka kau! Wek!!

- Another part from Blair's Blog, Cinta Kosa Kata'-

This is technically the most hilarious part. I could never imagine him being that weird-y way. He's too serious. Why's he here again?? He doesn't even have a role in here except getting his ass kicked by moi. Does Blair likes a guy like him?? Interesting..

Oh, she made me some tomboy-ish girl who's everyone scared of. And she made me catch some snatch thief who later threatened to kill me. Thankfully, Nate my utterly hot shining in armour save me in nick of time. Not.

Who the hell confessed to their loved ones like that?? 'Suke..' 'Aku pun' *snort* Lame!


oi oi oi,ape lamenye,interesting la,1st time kau jadi heroine! bangga la sikit! dulu complain sangat jadi villain -.-