How Am I Supposed To Pretend?

Status: Watching Black and White
Song: She Can Get It by Kevin Rudolf

WTF?! Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl?!

I thought I was over him. I really thought I'm over him for the last 5 days. I thought I was moving on. Really I did.

But no-o... there he goes popped out of nowhere suddenly reminding me how much I've been through for the last 4 weeks. He had to appear! He had to. I was on my nice-mission. It was going smoothly. No more dramas. No more being mean to everyone.

Then, he appeared in my email inbox. Reminding me about a new chapter of a story about him I subscribed. I swear my heart stopped beating for a second. All those memories of him came flashing in my mind. All those depressed moments and thoughts just rushing through my mind. Like it was waiting on a cue for it to rush in.

I thought watching Vic Zhou would help me get over him. It did. It still does keep my mind off him for awhile. I mean Vic was the sole reason why I'm being extra nicer. But when I'm alone and nothing to do, there he is on my mind again. With his death surrounded me. Right now, I must say, I really hate being alone with nothing to do.

He's still here. L is.