Facebook Fan

Status: Sims 3, WTF?
Song: Hot Girls In Good Mood by Butch Walker. No, it's not a porn song.

I'm not sure I really like Facebook. I don't really like any social networking websites. Anti-socials aren't suppose to have a social-networking website. But, I couldn't call myself anti-social if people kept saying 'hi' to me every effing day, right??

Anyway, there's this dude from somewhere in Europe added me as friend. Few months later, he sent me a message said, "Who are you?"

I was like, 'Bloody European bloke! You're the one who added me!'

But of course I didn't said that. I just ignore it. Same goes to this Turkish dude, named Orhan (Isn't that the name from my history school book?). He IM'ed me, 'Hey baby!'

Me goes; " Oo-eer"