Blair Moments

Status: Facebook starting to get boring!
Song: Revenge by Plain White T's

Introducing Blair. Not the Blair in Gossip Girl but in this blog 'Blair'. I secretly stole one of her photo. She looks like this. Well, almost like this. Actually, I'm not sure that is even her. But she claimed that is her.

Anyway, Blair is the ultimate gossiper. She's crazy and just love anime. She's spunky and the least sensitive among us. You can insult her as much you like. She'll never flinch, she'll fight back. That's why I called her Blair. She's the most Blair among us. She's the bitch.

My life would be duller without her. We love arguing about the most stupid things, like Michael Jackson's nose, chickens, and politics. Err, yeah we fought about chickens. She loves guys like Dan (Ass Pee), Chuck (TT), and Nate (UG). Yes, Chuck?! Who the hell likes Charles?! Actually, she liked him because he used to take off her glasses when she fell asleep. Yeah, that's the reason why she used to like him. I wonder if she still like him??

Before, I get myself killed by Blair, I'd like to say, 'stop accusing me a lesbian and a chicken.' Just because I called you sayang which you also called me that on myspace doesn't mean I like you in that way. It's a sarcasm just like you called me 'mak cik' and I called you back 'nenek'.Can't you see Vic, L, Jensen Ackles, Ed and man-bangs (Chace) on the side of this blog?! They're like frickin' hot. I'm very loyal to them unlike you.


i dont like Dan,Chuck,Nate,anymore~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!