A Love Note To Akira

Status: Stay, my love. Don't go anywhere.
Song: Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

I have to say it. I love Akira. Everyday (Monday to Friday) at about 6 30 pm, I will wait in front of the tv to watch you.

Just seeing you in the opening credits is enough for me. The fact that you're non-existant does not mean anything to me. You're real enough to me.

Your smile are much better than Mona Lisa's smile. Your hair are much cooler than Chace Crawford's man-bangs. The way you talk represents your confidence makes me wanna go oh-oh.

Yes, you're not real. Who the fuck cares?

You are the reason why I'm still here. You are the reason I smile and laugh. There's no other guy in this world that can replace you, love.

So, don't go. Stay.