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A Love Note To Akira

Status: Stay, my love. Don't go anywhere.
Song: Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

I have to say it. I love Akira. Everyday (Monday to Friday) at about 6 30 pm, I will wait in front of the tv to watch you.

Just seeing you in the opening credits is enough for me. The fact that you're non-existant does not mean anything to me. You're real enough to me.

Your smile are much better than Mona Lisa's smile. Your hair are much cooler than Chace Crawford's man-bangs. The way you talk represents your confidence makes me wanna go oh-oh.

Yes, you're not real. Who the fuck cares?

You are the reason why I'm still here. You are the reason I smile and laugh. There's no other guy in this world that can replace you, love.

So, don't go. Stay.

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

Status: CSI? Bleh.
Song: Shine On by The Kooks

Do I rather blog or watch CSI?

CSI? Bleh.

Gossip Girl? Better be OMFG than the earlier season.

Supernatural? Last season of Dean. No more Jensen Ackles?! GASP

House? Hope the show never gets boring.

Take Me Away

Status: Looking up in the sky
Song: Shine On by The Kooks

Who am I? Who are you?

Why am I here? Because of you.

What's in the sky?? Love from me to L. Or Vic Zhou (ZaiZai?)

What the hell am I talking about?! Crapiosity...

I want to be high in the sky and never come down.. Don't you feel the same too??

Oh..To Triple Bitch *cough*cough* I mean, Blair. Can I have that hot English dude that you talked about?? You're too young for him, anyway. So, can I have him?? Pwease??

p.s PL is not Pak Loser, loser.

Facebook Fan

Status: Sims 3, WTF?
Song: Hot Girls In Good Mood by Butch Walker. No, it's not a porn song.

I'm not sure I really like Facebook. I don't really like any social networking websites. Anti-socials aren't suppose to have a social-networking website. But, I couldn't call myself anti-social if people kept saying 'hi' to me every effing day, right??

Anyway, there's this dude from somewhere in Europe added me as friend. Few months later, he sent me a message said, "Who are you?"

I was like, 'Bloody European bloke! You're the one who added me!'

But of course I didn't said that. I just ignore it. Same goes to this Turkish dude, named Orhan (Isn't that the name from my history school book?). He IM'ed me, 'Hey baby!'

Me goes; " Oo-eer"

You're Soo Hot

Status: Just watched 17 Again. Zac seemed bearable without Vanessa Hudgens.
Song: Hot Girls In Good Mood by Butch Walker

It's not fun anymore when you heard people assumed you like someone. It's not fun when they made up some sick story between you and the other person. No sir, I hate it.

The only I could do is to deny it, shrug it off or just laugh it off. You can't really do anything. Since I'm such an expert in this kind of situation, I should give you guys a bit of advice.

Don't think about it that much. If you did, then it will get to your head. Then, you also started to have some sort of feeling for the other person. Not that it ever happened to me.
You're not in this alone. There's the other person. And you could drag someone else in this mess also. Make it looked like 2 guys are competing each other for you.
Always take it as a joke. Never take it seriously even though someone told you that person actu…

My Love Story?!

Status: You are officially dead to me.
Song: Angel In Disguise by Cinema Bizarre

ME:Su..suka…(dengan nada yang perlahan)
NATE:Aku pun..

- From Blair's Blog, 'Cinta Kosa Kata'-

WTF?! Why me, again?? This is embarrassing. Last time, I was the villain. Now, I'm the heroine. Tch. This isn't the worst part she wrote. The worst part is this:

ERIC: Aduh!! Sakit sial!! Kau ni memang bukan perempuan la!!
ME: Sape suruh kau cakap benda merepek-repek, kau tau kan aku tak suka kau cakap bende pelik-pelik (Ooo-eer) macam tu. Dah la.. Aku nak balik,nanti mak aku marah.
ERIC: Pergi balik la !!! Aduh!! Sakit pinggang aku!”
ME: Haha!! Padan muka kau! Wek!!

- Another part from Blair's Blog, Cinta Kosa Kata'-

This is technically the most hilarious part. I could never imagine him being that weird-y way. He's too serious. Why's he here again?? He doesn't even have a role …

Serena and us

I know she doesn't like me blogging about her. But, come on where's the fun in that??

Serena is the most mature among all of us. She doesn't really hang with us. She's always busy texting someone. That's S all right. She can be crazy too. Like the time she called me 'kucing jahat'. Yeah, I'm not proud of that. I just like stealing everyone's blanket and sleeping bags. That's all. Oh, she called herself, 'sesungut'. I don't really know what the hell is that. I do know I called Blair, 'anjing kurap'. Heh.

I'm not the closest to her. She's close with Nelly. She can be sensitive at times. There's a few rules with S,
You have to ask her permission if you wanna look at her phone.
No reading messages unless she gives permission.Err, something like that. I know she can be very 'Blair' when someone ticks her off. Like the time Nate and Dan, mostly Nate hacked in…

Blair Moments

Status: Facebook starting to get boring!
Song: Revenge by Plain White T's

Introducing Blair. Not the Blair in Gossip Girl but in this blog 'Blair'. I secretly stole one of her photo. She looks like this. Well, almost like this. Actually, I'm not sure that is even her. But she claimed that is her.

Anyway, Blair is the ultimate gossiper. She's crazy and just love anime. She's spunky and the least sensitive among us. You can insult her as much you like. She'll never flinch, she'll fight back. That's why I called her Blair. She's the most Blair among us. She's the bitch.

My life would be duller without her. We love arguing about the most stupid things, like Michael Jackson's nose, chickens, and politics. Err, yeah we fought about chickens. She loves guys like Dan(Ass Pee), Chuck(TT), and Nate (UG). Yes, Chuck?! Who the hell likes Charles?! Actually, she liked him because he used to take off her glasses when she…


Status: A bit of depressed for no apparent reason.
Song: Break Even by The Script

Seriously, I don't really know why I'm even depressed. Probably because the exam is coming. Or I have been listening to lot of sad songs. So, here's the list of songs that makes me feel like this:-

Break Even by The Script. This song really breaks my heart.
~~What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're ok?~~

Never Say Never by The Fray. The music was just sad.
~~ Don't let me go~~

Others are:
Go On Girl by Ne-Yo. Breath Easy by Blue. Yes, it's pretty an old song but heck, still makes me all gloomy.Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.My Skin by Natalie MerchantForgive Me by Group 1 Crew. It is a hip hop song slash very sad song.Cry by Kelly Clarkson. Hands down the saddest break-up song I've heard.

Me The Villain, Again.

Status: Blair's new blog is soo worth my time.
Song: Superstar by Tegan and Sarah

I can't believe Blair just created a new blog and wrote some stories (Love story, mind you). It was about Jenny and Dan. I was like 'what the fudge?!' It was soo hilarious on part 1 especially the kiss scene. Worth it. But why is Dan is nicknamed, Prince. He's not some royal guy. If he is, then I must be too. *snort*

Then I read part 2. There's me in it. Again, I was the villain. Last time, I was thebully. This time also the same. Do I look like a villain to you?? Probably I am.

Are They For Real?

Status: Why can't I be her?
Song: Kelsey by Metro Station

These two can be cute when they want to. The second picture is soo Chuck Bass. Something about the way he leans makes the picture scream Chuck Bass!

That's Typical Of You

Status: 'I Love You, Beth Cooper' rocks! Soo watching the movie!
Song: Body Control by Leighton Meester

Do you think I'm crazy? Because I think you're crazy.
- Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) by The Kooks-

If you want me. It takes more than a wink.
-If You Can Afford Me by Katy Perry-

How am I supposed to pretend? I never want to see you again.
- Campus by Vampire Weekend -

Holding back, everyday the same. Don't wanna be a loner. Listen to me.
- That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings -

Damn girl, dry your eyes. You stole my heart and made me kick it aside.
- Damn Girl by All-American Reject -

Something we don't talk about. Rather do without and just hold a smile.
- Never Say Never by The Fray -

Each of this songs somehow fits how I feel, who I am and why I'm still here.

Oh. Is That It?

Status: OMFG! That's soo cute moment!
Song: Body Control by Leighton Meester

Admirers. What is with them? Do they stalk us? Do they tried to humiliate us? Do they like us?

Yes and tres yes. They are bunch of weird people who happened to like us. In more than a friend way. I'm flattered that someone actually likes me. Which is cute.

Until they stalk you. Stalkers are weird. But that doesn't mean I like them. I like weird guys because they stand out form the crowd. Like Vic Zhou especially when he runs. Such a weird way to run. But still cute!

Anyway, I don't have a stalker. Just that I realized that Chuck (From Gossip Girl) always stalk Blair (The GG one!) with his stalkerish limo because he loves her. Creepy stalker, eh?

Don't Trust Dean!

Status: Arguing About Michael Jackson with Blair
Song: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

I just finish my new video, Don't Trust Me by 3Oh!3! Yay! At last, a video with this song.. You'd know you can't trust a ho, who can't trust you.

I Mean, What Can I Say?

Status: Feeling great!
Song: She Can Get It by Kevin Rudolf. I love this song!!

'We're inevitable'

I'm happy. Never been happier.

Vic Zhou, I love you!
Jensen Ackles, you're hot.
Ed Westwick, you're my luurve.
Chace Crawford, my manly-bangs!!

Yes. That proves I'm happy. I may have been high on sugar. Nevertheless, I am happy. Not a single cloud in the sky. Happy as a clam.

Me is back. No more being nice-girl. No more depressing thoughts. All I need is those artificial sugar.

How Am I Supposed To Pretend?

Status: Watching Black and White
Song: She Can Get It by Kevin Rudolf

WTF?! Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl?!

I thought I was over him. I really thought I'm over him for the last 5 days. I thought I was moving on. Really I did.

But no-o... there he goes popped out of nowhere suddenly reminding me how much I've been through for the last 4 weeks. He had to appear! He had to. I was on my nice-mission. It was going smoothly. No more dramas. No more being mean to everyone.

Then, he appeared in my email inbox. Reminding me about a new chapter of a story about him I subscribed. I swear my heart stopped beating for a second. All those memories of him came flashing in my mind. All those depressed moments and thoughts just rushing through my mind. Like it was waiting on a cue for it to rush in.

I thought watching Vic Zhou would help me get over him. It did. It still does keep my mind off him for awhile. I mean Vic was the sole reason why I'm being ex…