Tried To Reach Out To You, Touch My Hand

Mood: Depressed, seriously.
Song: Zero Gravity by David Archuleta.

Who am I kidding? I'm still depressed. About everything but mainly L. No one understands me. They just laughed at me. Even worse, Blair made fun of it. I was soo mad at her. She doesn't understand, she's anti-boys this year.

Guys like him doesn't deserve to die. Great detective aren't supposed to die like that. They're supposed to live on forever. I'm sure Sherlock Holmes don't deserve to die. He's soo cool.

Anyway, I tried to think happy thoughts which seems to fail miserably. There are a few that can make me smile though, like the time when Aria, Little J and me were bored. We will lip-singing and make expression with our hands to a song. Songs like Touch My Hand and Crush by David Archuleta, Lovebug by Jonas Brother.

It was fun. The other one was with Blair. Blair and me aren't the best of friends. We fought with each other than any other people I've met. She's insensitive. The only thing that made her flinch was boys. Boys have always been girls' weakness. Well, not me... .. unless they're hot. Like Jensen Ackles' hot. Only one guy have reached that level, and he's a complete jerk.

Aaaanyway, she threaten me by writing Ass Pee Can Kiss My Ass on every social networking website she knew. Ass Pee (SP) is a name that we gave for Dan. I was trying to prove to her that Dan don't mean a thing to me by saying Ass Pee Can Kiss Ass. She took it the other way. She thought that was funny and started to blackmailing me with it. Tch. Unbelievable. Like I really care what others thought of me when they saw it. They probably will be like, "OMG.. What have you done to our innocent little girl?"

Oh.. phshaw!! I'll write it myself. She was shocked by that. She must have thought that I was crazy. Well, no one knows this. But I am crazy.