This Is The Story Of A True Love Tragedy

Mood: Sad
Song: Love Story by Rain (English Version, Of course!)

I can't believe Micheal Jackson just died. On Todd's birthday too. Soo ironic. Todd was a fan of MJ. I hope none of my favorite people died on my birthday. I may have a mental breakdown if that happens. This death-ness topic is too weird. I've been thinking a lot about death and now MJ is dead. Ooo-eer..

Jacko was one of the earliest artist I've known. The first song I've heard by him is Smooth Criminal. It was a great song. I'm still a fan of his songs. It's all because Todd always play his songs last year. It's contagious. His songs are amazing. I love Billie Jean and Black or White. I have it in my phone too. Micheal Jackson, you will be remembered.


I'm not mad at you. I don't stay mad for long. I don't understand how could some people stay mad for soo long. What if the person you're mad at is going to die tomorrow? Would you still be mad at the person? Or would you be guilty for the rest of your life and wish you could just see him/her again?

I was thinking about that when I was watching Ne-Yo's video, Mad.

Anyway, I just forced myself to watch an episode of Death Note, last night. I was nervous watching the whole episode, scared it was the episode where he died. Thank god it isn't. I don't think I could handle it. No more death please.