Not In The Mood and Never Will.. Part 2

Mood: Mad.
Song: Fashion by Lady Gaga

GAH!!! C. Ronaldo is moving to Real Madrid?!
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't support a team that has him in it. That would be ew.
But.. I have to support Kaka'. How the hell am I going to support this team when there's him in it?! Argh!!! Guess I have to get used to it.

On a different side of note, I'm no longer being emo-ish and a bitch. The news above me lightens me up in weird way because C. Ronaldo and Kaka' in a same team? Interesting... Oh! Before I forgot, I just found out that Mr. Ronaldo was hooking up with Paris Hilton. Hmm.. Totally support the couple. If they last.. C. Ronaldo+ Paris Hilton= Ponaldo!! Hahaha..

Just cracked myself up. It's soo good to be me again. It's all thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.