Moi, The Antagonist

Mood: Muahahaha..
Song: Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift

I went back to Kampung yesterday. It was so-so. Nothing happened. Oh wait, there's one interesting thing happened. Blair had this crazy full of bonkerosity idea. It's about writing a story, (love story,mate) using us as the main characters. Sigh. Double sigh.

So, Nelly Yuki was the heroine in the story. Don't ask me why she got to be the heroine.
Chuck is supposed to be the hero. BWAHAHA! CHUCK?! A FRIGGIN' HERO?!
In my arse, love.
Next, Dan the love rival for Chuck. Well, that's what I thought.
Nate is.. erm... Nelly Yuki's ex-boyfriend. In that story, of course.
Little J is the Gossiper.. or I would like the Gossip Girl. Phshaw.. like that's going to happen.
Serena is the good friend of Nelly Yuki. No comment.
Blair had assigned herself as the Nelly's back-stabbing bitch friend. Well, something like that.
Eric (ALERT! NEW CHARACTER! A.K.A Genius!) is my besty friend.
Me? I'm the villain (Muahaha) who turned to be a good character.

Here's the summarize of the story;

It stars with: (Credits to Jenny for remembering the first 2 sentences, it was in Malay, but I'm translating it in English)

He was standing there with full of confidence.

'Oh my Chuck' whispered Nelly.

Bwahahahaha... ew... but still hahahahaha!!

So the story is about Nelly liking Chuck but he doesn't like her (I think). Somehow, the news got out that she love Chuck. Chuck has this physco ex who bullies Nelly but was stopped by this knight in shining armour, Dan. Then, both of them got close and yada yada. Suddenly, I (Aherm.. that's me) was jealous because Blair wrote that I was obsessed with Dan. (Erklack!) I was confronted by my besty ( In the story), Eric. He fooled around with me... Yada.. yada. I plan to sabotage Nelly. Nelly's ex, Nate, got jealous by this new friendship between Dan and Nelly. So, he also made a plan with Blair who has this huge crush on Chuck to pretend to be together.

Yes, it was complicated. I'm too lazy to write what happened next. But you guys can see that I'm da antagonist in the story. However, the good news is I get to be with Dan. Yay! Erlack! That does not mean I like him. That would be oo-eer..

One of the annoying situation Blair put me in was where Eric was fooling around with me. He suddenly confessed to me like; 'I love you, you're my angel..' I was shocked in the story. Then, me in the story said, 'Are you crazy? EW.. Go away!'

Eric said: ' Ouch.. my angel has just declined my love'

Bwahahahaha.. Funny, how she can write me in that sticky situation because I could never ever imagined Eric saying that. Because he's waaaaaaaayyyy too serious to fool people like that. Anyway, Blair first thought she want to made me be with Eric but I was like: Eww.. noo.. that's weird. How can you date your own besty.

Then she raised her eyebrow, " What? You like him? Or you like Dan?"

I cringed, "Noo.. I just hate the friend turn into lover thingy.."

"Whatever you say.."

So, she made me in the story back with Dan. Well, it's better than Eric. Eric will be with Serena, anyway. So, no need to worry.