Mission Impossible

Status: Drooling over Vic Zhou!
Song: When I Get Home, You're So Dead by Mayday Parade

Soo.. my mission to be nicer to everyone is apparently harder then it looks. I even tried to think happy thoughts. Bad idea. I smile to myself. That's crazy cat.

Anyway, I just started watching Vic Zhou's new drama series, Black and White. It's a cop show. Vic's playing this womanizer, laid back and a bit of blur detective. Damn funny. I was like, "What the hell are trying to do?!" every ten minutes. He's a bit wacky but that doesn't stop from liking him.

I still remember his pick up lines that was way too cheesy.

There's a bit of love square going on which is the reason I still watch this tv series. I love this series. Totally helping me moving on about L. Vic Zhou is definitely what I need.