Lalalala--love you, L Part 2

Continuing from below...

When I found out that L died at some point of the story, I swear I could hear my heart shattering to millions of pieces. That was dramatic but that is how I felt. I still do feel sad if I remembers it. I'm soo sad that I don't have the heart to finish the anime or the movie. I can't. It hurts to see he closed his eyes releasing his last breath. He's 25 when he died. I'm sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm sure he also is still lip-virgin. *Wails..* Guys like him doesn't deserve to die this young. He has so much more to live for. It is vair vair rare to find a guy who wears clothes like him and talks like him.

To describe how I felt is well indescribable but I'll try. It's like you finally had a boyfriend. You can't stop thinking about him. You want to see his handsome face and listen to his deep but yet soft voice everyday. You're in love with him. Then, you just found out he's going to die in a week. Yeah.. that's how I felt. Except, my boyfriend already died. I was in love with a dead guy!

He's probably the first guy who I lurve that died. I'm not sure I could handle another of my favorite guys dying. That would be too cruel.