Mood: In Luurrvee..
Song: Over My Head by The Fray

Every year I have a specific obsession on an anime character. Last year I was obsessed with Akira Sendoh from Slam Dunk. Just by looking at his smiley face made me feel all better. He made me wanna sing that song that starts with 'You are my sunshine'. Akira is the guy who helped me get through last year in a way.

The 2 year before, I was crazy for The Hitachiin Twins. It was the year where I want to make myself looked exactly the same with Aria and Little J. Crazy year.

Before that year, I was into The Matt Ishida. He was my first crush. My one and only love. He still is in weird way. And I still wished he was real.

Now, I want to announced that this year will be the day I'll fall in love with L from Death Note. He was in my head this whole week. Can't seem to get enough of him. I love his real name, Lawliet. Effing hot. Just saying that name, Lawliet is making me want to just hug him. If he was real. Which sadly he's not.