It Feels Like A Battlefied

Mood: Sad..
Song: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks

NOOOO!! Kaka' is moving to Real Madrid! You've got to be kidding me. I knew today will be sad day. This news breaks my heart. I love Kaka' but it doesn't feel like Kaka' without AC Milan. What am I going to do with my Kaka's jersey pillow?? I'm too sad to even write how I feel anymore.To make things worse, I just found out my new obssesion (L) is dead at the end of the story. WHY?! He's soo weird and cute at the same time. He can't DIE! I love him too much.

These few days, I've been dreaming about death and leaving a lot. Recently, I dreamt about Lauren Conrad leaving The Hills. I had no idea why she's in my head. But all I knew was that it was sad and empty. Me soo depressed.

Probably all this depressed thought has something to do with the cold I'm having.

I officially hate my life right now.