If You Can Afford Me

Status: Trying to keep my coolness
Song: Bad by Micheal Jackson

You Don't Have To Suck Dick To Succeed! - Haha! - I love Kate Nash! Her songs always make me look on the bright side when everything is on the dark side. Now, I have a song that literally said, 'You don't have to 'slut' yourself up to become a great successful person. What a lovely life.

I'm on the edge of canceling my being nicer to everyone mission. You'd know, the keep my smile on my face mission thingy. It's vair hard. All I want to do is to keep on my you-don't-know-me glare.

I officially do not understand boys unless you're guy like Xu Le from Wish To See You Again. He's like my soul mate. I completely understands him. He makes me understand myself too. I'm an anti-social and he is too. He has only 2 close friends. I have few friends I can trust too. Xu Le was played by Vic Zhou. The Cutest Guy I've Ever Seen. I have his picture on my phone which literally make me squee like teenage girl. It's soo frickin' cute!!