Goodbye Madniosity.. Hello to Happy- ..eerr -iosity..

Status: Thinking of watching Angels and Demons.
Song: Rainism by Rain. Yes, I am a fan of Rain because he makes me laugh. In a way.

How's my life in 2009? Well, so far so good. I didn't die yet. I may have caused a friend or two ignorez-vousing me because of a vair vair stupid reason. It's not my fault one off them happened to read my blog and another one is insulted when I accidentally called him/her a jerk. I can't believe Serena read my blog, she even left a little comment on my Chatzy Box. Anyway, I called people a lot worse than jerk, like bitch and slut. Blair doesn't mind. She called me a woman before. I mean, POMPUAN. Yes, it's an insult. And if one of them read this, well sorry. I didn't know it insulted you that much. So, stop ignoring me! I'm trying to re-invent myself to be nicer to you.

Hmm.. I may have refused to let get myself eaten by a school of fish. Which is vair pathetic if you think about it. I literally paid the fish to eat me. Crappy fish. Micheal Jackson is dead in case you didn't know. Kaka' moved to Real Madrid. He brought Cristiano Ronaldo along too. How dare you Kaka'?? You know how much I hate that metrosexual guy! Oh well, I'll get used to it.

L is officially dead since 2004. I just knew that last month. Yes, it's sad to know that. Vair sad. But I'll move on. Well, I'm trying to.

I still love Jensen Ackles, Ed Westwick and my man-bangs, Chace Crawford. They're vair hot. Ah-bviously, I'm still loving my Asian man, Vic Zhou. That's vair stupid question to ask, love.