Pranking Serena In Indonesia With An Indonesian Guy?!

Mood: Annoyed
Song: Faint by Linkin Park

I hate it when I'm being ignored. Like the time I sms-ed to Blair and she never replied back. I was like; 'Why isn't she replying?!' It drives me crazy and I'll be sulking the whole day over it.

Anyway... I just remembered this funny moments of Serena and me. Last year, Serena, Blair, Nelly, Little J and me watched this Indonesian drama. I'm not a big fan of Indonesian and Malay dramas. They tend to suck. Always make the good guys look stupid.

I'm not going to call it a good show but I like watching the guys. They're teenagers and hot for Asian guys. I was attracted to this spiky-haired guy, Bobby and Serena and Nelly (I think.) like this guy, Iman. Blair and Jenny doesn't like anyone on that show but still watched it anyway. Though, Blair likes to insult my guy. How ah-noying.

You know me, when I like someone I will find out their background. So, I researched this Bobby guy and also Iman for the sake of boredom. I just found out that this Bobby dude is a year younger than me! I was literally screeching," What?!! I like a younger dude?!"

OMG, indeed. I was disappointed. I mean the guy is soo huge, I thought he's at least 16 years old. I thought Iman also must be younger than him since he's short, but he's the same age as mine. Wow.. I'm soo liking him.

I told Serena about it and she laughed at me. She realized that her Iman is same as my age soo she quickly said, "You can't have Iman. He's mine!"

I was about to say, "Can't we share?" but canceled it since you can't actually share a guy.

While I was off to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I have this genius idea of pranking Serena. I can't wait to come back. So, when I came back I quickly download a picture of Iman and share it with S on Yahoo Messenger. And she was like , "How did you get this?"

I smiled, "I met him in Indonesia that day."

" You kidding me?!"

"I kid you not." I added, " He talked to me first, and we talked. He gave me his picture and his friendster url. He was on vacation too. He's from Jakarta, you know."

"I can't believe you met him.. Was he nice?"

"He's erm.. friendly in a way." Trying really hard not to laugh at my newly found imagination of him being my boyfriend. Bwahaha... Aria beside me watching this fiasco muttered under her breath, ' Gile perasan doh..'

"I'm soo jealous!!!"

Aria beside me, gasped," It's either you're a genius or she's stupid!" I snickered.

I really did have his url. All thanks to my hard work of researching. She believed me every single of it. But she was furious with me when I told her on Raya but I reminded her about The Forgive and Forget on Raya. Soo taking advantage of it.