Lalalala--love you, L Part 1

Mood: Zen-y
Song: I'd Come For You by Nickelback

From being in love to depressed to angry to a bitch and now, I'm me. Me is I. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Blah.. You'd know what I mean. Now, I'm explaining what had happened to me.

Since I almost died from boredom after Gossip Girl done it's second season, I decided to amuse myself with watching anime or a movie until September because that's when GG starts again and Supernatural starts it's last season. *sniff sniff* - No more Jensen Ackles after June 2010..

Back to the story, I have decided to watch Death Note the real live action. Light looked ew in the real life though but I'd still watched it because it's interesting. I mean, if I had that book, it'll be finished in a month.

Then, I saw him. As in L or he would like to call himself, Ryuzaki. He looked literally like a zombie. I thought he was a ghost. He's weird. He's bare feet. He's too weird to look at. He holds thing in a weird way. He dressed in this white long sleeved shirt with a worn out jean. His hair is incredibly messy. He has this dark circles under his eyes like he never sleep for years. Oh! I also noticed he sits in this weird way and has a bad posture. He likes to eat sweets too. What kind of human is this?!

I thought the first movie was okay. Nothing attracts me to investigate more about Death Note. Not until I found a dvd collection of Death Note anime. The whole full anime. Wow.. 37 episode only? Too short but I can see that I could waste my time on watching this till September. So I bought it.

That's when I started to go gaga over L. I don't really care about the story. All I want to watch is L and may be Light. That's only because Light is soo perfect like Nate in GG. Except Nate isn't some physco serial killer who thinks he's god. And Light has weird maniac laugh which scares me but still I want to laugh like him.

L meanwhile, has this weird habits of him. He looks weird too. But, he's on the good side and that's all that matters. He tries to catch Kira which is Light. I don't know why but I like him. Maybe because he's weird and funneh. This soo proves that I don't like guys based only on their appearance.

I lied. I like L because he's hot and I like guys who wears loose long-sleeved shirt that has large neckline. Well, in this sort of weird way. Weird. Probably weird guys like him is my kind of type. Another example is Vic Zhou. Not the real Vic but the character he always potrayed especially in Wish To See You Again, Xu Le. Xu Le also like L, he wears that kind of shirt. Why can't guys be more like those two?! I love him in that drama that I had this habit of squeeing his name (Xu Le !!!) everytime I'm happy. Come to think of it.. The Kooks vocalist also wears that kind of shirt. Jensen Ackles looks damn cute when he wears that kind of shirt too! OMG..

This is too long. To be continued..