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If You Can Afford Me

Status: Trying to keep my coolness
Song: Bad by Micheal Jackson

You Don't Have To Suck Dick To Succeed! - Haha! - I love Kate Nash! Her songs always make me look on the bright side when everything is on the dark side. Now, I have a song that literally said, 'You don't have to 'slut' yourself up to become a great successful person. What a lovely life.

I'm on the edge of canceling my being nicer to everyone mission. You'd know, the keep my smile on my face mission thingy. It's vair hard. All I want to do is to keep on my you-don't-know-me glare.

I officially do not understand boys unless you're guy like Xu Le from Wish To See You Again. He's like my soul mate. I completely understands him. He makes me understand myself too. I'm an anti-social and he is too. He has only 2 close friends. I have few friends I can trust too. Xu Le was played by Vic Zhou. The Cutest Guy I've Ever Seen. I have his…

Mission Impossible

Status: Drooling over Vic Zhou!
Song: When I Get Home, You're So Dead by Mayday Parade

Soo.. my mission to be nicer to everyone is apparently harder then it looks. I even tried to think happy thoughts. Bad idea. I smile to myself. That's crazy cat.

Anyway, I just started watching Vic Zhou's new drama series, Black and White. It's a cop show. Vic's playing this womanizer, laid back and a bit of blur detective. Damn funny. I was like, "What the hell are trying to do?!" every ten minutes. He's a bit wacky but that doesn't stop from liking him.

I still remember his pick up lines that was way too cheesy.

There's a bit of love square going on which is the reason I still watch this tv series. I love this series. Totally helping me moving on about L. Vic Zhou is definitely what I need.

Goodbye Madniosity.. Hello to Happy- ..eerr -iosity..

Status: Thinking of watching Angels and Demons.
Song: Rainism by Rain. Yes, I am a fan of Rain because he makes me laugh. In a way.

How's my life in 2009? Well, so far so good. I didn't die yet. I may have caused a friend or two ignorez-vousing me because of a vair vair stupid reason. It's not my fault one off them happened to read my blog and another one is insulted when I accidentally called him/her a jerk. I can't believe Serena read my blog, she even left a little comment on my Chatzy Box. Anyway, I called people a lot worse than jerk, like bitch and slut. Blair doesn't mind. She called me a woman before. I mean, POMPUAN. Yes, it's an insult. And if one of them read this, well sorry. I didn't know it insulted you that much. So, stop ignoring me! I'm trying to re-invent myself to be nicer to you.

Hmm.. I may have refused to let get myself eaten by a school of fish. Which is vair pathetic if you think about it. I lite…

This Is The Story Of A True Love Tragedy

Mood: Sad
Song: Love Story by Rain (English Version, Of course!)

I can't believe Micheal Jackson just died. On Todd's birthday too. Soo ironic. Todd was a fan of MJ. I hope none of my favorite people died on my birthday. I may have a mental breakdown if that happens. This death-ness topic is too weird. I've been thinking a lot about death and now MJ is dead. Ooo-eer..

Jacko was one of the earliest artist I've known. The first song I've heard by him is Smooth Criminal. It was a great song. I'm still a fan of his songs. It's all because Todd always play his songs last year. It's contagious. His songs are amazing. I love Billie Jean and Black or White. I have it in my phone too. Micheal Jackson, you will be remembered.


I'm not mad at you. I don't stay mad for long. I don't understand how could some people stay mad for soo long. What if the person you're m…

It's Alright, It's Okay, FINE!

Mood: Confused!
Song: It's Alright, It's Okay by Ashley Tisdale

Today, I chatted with Serena. I talked about the situation I've been through and I asked her for advice. She said I have to apologize, and I did that. That person is still an asshole and ignorez-vousing me. So she asked me to say this to that Basshole:

Serena: xnk kwn xpe,
Serena: kite ade kwn lain,
Serena: jgn jual mhl sgt,
Serena: nnt xde spe nk beli.

I was like, WTF?! And then she said she copied it from her true crush, let's called him, Mr. A. Serena liked him. Really she did! Though the guy may be a bit older, but hey! Age is not a factor.

Well, I don't wanna talk about her and Mr. A. The story is centuries old!

Anyway, a little fact about me. I don't stay mad at people more than a day. I don't like being mad. I was born to be happy and not to be mad at people even though they do stupid things to me. I just laugh it out.

If someone doesn't want to be…

The Quiet Side

Mood: Angsty
Song: My Immortal by Evanescene

I'm tired of this life. This lies I'm living on. People always asking me, 'Why am I soo quiet?', 'Why do I look soo depressed?', 'Is something bothering you?', 'You seem soo distant than usual and meaner too, why is that?'. Let me answer it for you.

Me being quiet is the way you want me to be. I am depressed but I'm trying to hide it. Yes, something is bothering me. I'm just tired of being someone who I'm not. I'm not all nice like some people think. They ain't calling me Lord Vader for nothing, you'd know. I'm a bitch and I love bitching about people even though they're so nice to me.

When they told me to be the real me, I did.

What did they say? "What happened to the old you??"

They go all ignorez-vousing and shocked by it. This is why I don't understand them. So, yeah I have given up. Now, I'm just being in the middle of …

Pranking Serena In Indonesia With An Indonesian Guy?!

Mood: Annoyed
Song: Faint by Linkin Park

I hate it when I'm being ignored. Like the time I sms-ed to Blair and she never replied back. I was like; 'Why isn't she replying?!' It drives me crazy and I'll be sulking the whole day over it.

Anyway... I just remembered this funny moments of Serena and me. Last year, Serena, Blair, Nelly, Little J and me watched this Indonesian drama. I'm not a big fan of Indonesian and Malay dramas. They tend to suck. Always make the good guys look stupid.

I'm not going to call it a good show but I like watching the guys. They're teenagers and hot for Asian guys. I was attracted to this spiky-haired guy, Bobby and Serena and Nelly (I think.) like this guy, Iman. Blair and Jenny doesn't like anyone on that show but still watched it anyway. Though, Blair likes to insult my guy. How ah-noying.

You know me, when I like someone I will find out their background. So, I researched this Bobby guy and …

I'll Swim The Ocean For You! --- Sugar Video Uploaded!

Mood: In love with a song
Song: Kelsey by Metro Station

I love the new Metro Station's song, Kelsey. It made me really happy. The song stuck in my head the whole day. Jenny asked me to change the name, Kelsey to Lawliet. I was like, "OMG! You're a genius!"

So, the whole day I was listening to this song and image of him appeared in my head.

Yes, I finished the video! No copyright problem (Not yet, anyway) and no out-of-sync problem.

I realized the size of the video is way too wide for the blog but bear with it, please. I'm too lazy to change it.

Gah!! YT and Sony Vegas Sucks!

Mood: Tired of this copyright infringement..
Song: Kelsey by Metro Station

I hate Youtube with the stupid copyright thingy. I hate Sony Vegas for making my latest video out of sync.

I was making this ultra cool video of Ed and Chace with a song called 'Sugar' by FloRida. Tried to upload the video for more than five times! After sucessfully uploaded it, there was a copyright infringement warning on it. How frustrating!

Then, I tried to change the pitch of the song. It worked. However, the video was out of sync. So now I have to do all over again.

Anyway, I will post this video up later.

A Change of Hair?!

Mood: Love, love, love his hair!!!
Song: Richman by 3Oh!3

OH MY EFFIN' GOD! Ed Frickin' Westwick's hair in GQ magazine is soo hot. The magazine said that Ed Westwick is aptly described as “Jude Law crossed with a pre-psychotropic-meltdown Joaquin Phoenix.” I love Jude Law. He's soo English and hot. Who's Joaquin Phoenix??

Wow... This picture actually reminds me of this guy who have millions of girls screaming at him *rolls eyes*, Robert Pattinson, anyone??

Ed Westwick, you're this close becoming my next hottest guy in my list. Jensen Ackles, beware!!

Tried To Reach Out To You, Touch My Hand

Mood: Depressed, seriously.
Song: Zero Gravity by David Archuleta.

Who am I kidding? I'm still depressed. About everything but mainly L. No one understands me. They just laughed at me. Even worse, Blair made fun of it. I was soo mad at her. She doesn't understand, she's anti-boys this year.

Guys like him doesn't deserve to die. Great detective aren't supposed to die like that. They're supposed to live on forever. I'm sure Sherlock Holmes don't deserve to die. He's soo cool.

Anyway, I tried to think happy thoughts which seems to fail miserably. There are a few that can make me smile though, like the time when Aria, Little J and me were bored. We will lip-singing and make expression with our hands to a song. Songs like Touch My Hand and Crush by David Archuleta, Lovebug by Jonas Brother.

It was fun. The other one was with Blair. Blair and me aren't the best of friends. We fought with each other than any other p…

Lalalala--love you, L Part 2

Continuing from below...

When I found out that L died at some point of the story, I swear I could hear my heart shattering to millions of pieces. That was dramatic but that is how I felt. I still do feel sad if I remembers it. I'm soo sad that I don't have the heart to finish the anime or the movie. I can't. It hurts to see he closed his eyes releasing his last breath. He's 25 when he died. I'm sure he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm sure he also is still lip-virgin. *Wails..* Guys like him doesn't deserve to die this young. He has so much more to live for. It is vair vair rare to find a guy who wears clothes like him and talks like him.

To describe how I felt is well indescribable but I'll try. It's like you finally had a boyfriend. You can't stop thinking about him. You want to see his handsome face and listen to his deep but yet soft voice everyday. You're in love with him. Then, you just found out he's going to die in a week. Yeah..…

Lalalala--love you, L Part 1

Mood: Zen-y
Song: I'd Come For You by Nickelback

From being in love to depressed to angry to a bitch and now, I'm me. Me is I. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Blah.. You'd know what I mean. Now, I'm explaining what had happened to me.

Since I almost died from boredom after Gossip Girl done it's second season, I decided to amuse myself with watching anime or a movie until September because that's when GG starts again and Supernatural starts it's last season. *sniff sniff* - No more Jensen Ackles after June 2010..

Back to the story, I have decided to watch Death Note the real live action. Light looked ew in the real life though but I'd still watched it because it's interesting. I mean, if I had that book, it'll be finished in a month.

Then, I saw him. As in L or he would like to call himself, Ryuzaki. He looked literally like a zombie. I thought he was a ghost. He's weird. He's bare feet. He's to…

Not In The Mood and Never Will.. Part 2

Mood: Mad.
Song: Fashion by Lady Gaga

GAH!!! C. Ronaldo is moving to Real Madrid?!
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't support a team that has him in it. That would be ew.
But.. I have to support Kaka'. How the hell am I going to support this team when there's him in it?! Argh!!! Guess I have to get used to it.

On a different side of note, I'm no longer being emo-ish and a bitch. The news above me lightens me up in weird way because C. Ronaldo and Kaka' in a same team? Interesting... Oh! Before I forgot, I just found out that Mr. Ronaldo was hooking up with Paris Hilton. Hmm.. Totally support the couple. If they last.. C. Ronaldo+ Paris Hilton= Ponaldo!! Hahaha..

Just cracked myself up. It's soo good to be me again. It's all thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Not In The Mood and Never Will.. Part 1

Mood: Emo..
Song: My Skin by Natalie Merchant

I am depressed. I've been mean to everyone around me. I'm pretty sure some of them are mad at me. I was a bitch to be around. Like that day I went to this really cool fish spa. I refused to go in the pool for 20 minutes. Aria and Little J were begging me to come in and I still don't want to. I don't usually acted this kind of way. I'm not a scared-y cat and I certainly don't back down from a dare Aria asked me to do. Little J even begged me to come in for the sake of Jensen Ackles, L (*cries*) and Ed Westwick and I still wouldn't. That wasn't me.

Believe me, I am disappointed in myself. I don't really like people being mad at me. I don't even like being mad at people. I was born to forgive and forget. If people are mad at me, I usually ignored the fact they are mad at me or I said sorry even though it isn't a sincere one. Sorry is a big word, after all.


It Feels Like A Battlefied

Mood: Sad..
Song: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks

NOOOO!! Kaka' is moving to Real Madrid! You've got to be kidding me. I knew today will be sad day. This news breaks my heart. I love Kaka' but it doesn't feel like Kaka' without AC Milan. What am I going to do with my Kaka's jersey pillow?? I'm too sad to even write how I feel anymore.To make things worse, I just found out my new obssesion (L) is dead at the end of the story. WHY?! He's soo weird and cute at the same time. He can't DIE! I love him too much.

These few days, I've been dreaming about death and leaving a lot. Recently, I dreamt about Lauren Conrad leaving The Hills. I had no idea why she's in my head. But all I knew was that it was sad and empty. Me soo depressed.

Probably all this depressed thought has something to do with the cold I'm having.

I officially hate my life right now.

Moi, The Antagonist

Mood: Muahahaha..
Song: Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift

I went back to Kampung yesterday. It was so-so. Nothing happened. Oh wait, there's one interesting thing happened. Blair had this crazy full of bonkerosity idea. It's about writing a story, (love story,mate) using us as the main characters. Sigh. Double sigh.

So, Nelly Yuki was the heroine in the story. Don't ask me why she got to be the heroine.
Chuck is supposed to be the hero. BWAHAHA! CHUCK?! A FRIGGIN' HERO?!
In my arse, love.
Next, Dan the love rival for Chuck. Well, that's what I thought.
Nate is.. erm... Nelly Yuki's ex-boyfriend. In that story, of course.
Little J is the Gossiper.. or I would like the Gossip Girl. Phshaw.. like that's going to happen.
Serena is the good friend of Nelly Yuki. No comment.
Blair had assigned herself as the Nelly's back-stabbing bitch friend. Well, something like that.
Eric (ALERT! NEW CHARACTER! A.K.A Genius!) is my besty frie…


Mood: In Luurrvee..
Song: Over My Head by The Fray

Every year I have a specific obsession on an anime character. Last year I was obsessed with Akira Sendoh from Slam Dunk. Just by looking at his smiley face made me feel all better. He made me wanna sing that song that starts with 'You are my sunshine'. Akira is the guy who helped me get through last year in a way.

The 2 year before, I was crazy for The Hitachiin Twins. It was the year where I want to make myself looked exactly the same with Aria and Little J. Crazy year.

Before that year, I was into The Matt Ishida. He was my first crush. My one and only love. He still is in weird way. And I still wished he was real.

Now, I want to announced that this year will be the day I'll fall in love with L from Death Note. He was in my head this whole week. Can't seem to get enough of him. I love his real name, Lawliet. Effing hot. Just saying that name, Lawliet is making me want to …

Imagine All The Girls..

Mood: Jumpy
Song: Great DJ by The Ting Tings


Well, I have successfully installed Sony Vegas Pro 8! It took me 3 whole days to installed, uninstalled and re-installed it back. It's soo frustrating but I did it. Now, I'm in the making of new video although there's not enough clips.

The video is about randominiosity of Gossip Girl. The song is Great DJ by The Ting Tings. I'm not sure how this video going to turn out. All I can say is it's a fun light-hearted video. I'll post the video after I finished it.